Food to try on day trip to Krka Waterfalls

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Today we will be showing you some of the most delicious food which you can try out in case you decide to visit the area around National park Krka Waterfalls. The first thing that is important to emphasize in order to understand all the diverse offer of food in the vicinity of the Krka National Park is to understand why this offer is so large and why such a small territory is so rich with specialties. According to historic data, Croats appeared here in the 7th century, but before them ancient Illyrians, Celts, ancient Greeks as well as Romans lived on the territory of Krka Waterfalls. You’re most likely going to find some of the cuisine in Krka Waterfalls vaguely familiar because of the Roman influence, Croatia developing its own branch of specialties over the decades.

Traditional cuisine around Krka

Imagine just the wide variety of cuisine each of them brought to the land, mixing and matching together to create new unique cuisine that have developed over the years, when foreign invaders stepped on the territory of Krka before day trips were a thing. Today we will have some fun with two of them which have been on these lands the longest, Venetian & Turkish cuisine. Food to try on day trip to Krka Waterfalls is numerous just for that reason, so widen your horizons and relish in the delicious cuisine that is abundant in Krka Waterfalls and Croatia in general!

Because we are settled in a land that is intertwined with Krka river, along with other tributaries. It’s no surprise that this territory flourishes with fish based cuisine. The river Krka was always home to local people that lived beside it and in doing so the river Krka gave them everything they needed for living, like for example the finest fish species. Some of the most notable ones being Squalius, Brown Trout, etc. You’re bound to see some of the wild life during a day trip to Krka or with a transfer to Krka. After all, the best way to enjoy Krka Waterfalls would be with a tour that will let you relax and enjoy the sights that are abundant in Krka National park from Split.

Regional food around Krka

Krka river is 75 kilometres long so it’s only natural that the cuisine along its course changes, but of course certain properties stay the same. So even if it is your first time in Krka or your tenth one, there’s always a certain charm that radiates from this beautiful National park.

The first recipe which we definitely recommend is Grilled fish. The recipe a traditional method of preparing fish, even on a day trip to Krka. This method of preparing fish allows you to taste it in its true form. Each region also has its fair share of controversies debating whether its best to spice the fish before or after grilling, along with when its best to oil the fish. But like every other recipe, the simpler it is, the more delicious it is.

Another popular recipe would be preparing a fish in a sort of salt cocoon. This method of preparing offering a chance to have the skin of the fish and salt husk removed easily with a meat batter before enjoying the delicacy during a day trip to Krka. The National park being a bit of a walk that will surely have you craving a bite to eat after, but if you would be taking a tour; you’ll be able to have lunch included in the tour here.

You haven’t tasted Croatia until you taste Fish peka. Peka being a traditional Croatian meal that is slow cooked under an iron bell covered in hot charcoal. The fish variant of course having fish as the main part of it that is accentuated by having various vegetables; mostly potatoes outlining the fish. It’s a meal that is perfect for groups of 4 and more. The dish widely considered as the most popular meal in Croatia.

Desserts in Croatia

There’s also a couple of deserts that are quite popular in Croatia. Fritule for instance being soft dough balls that can be basic, filled with raisins, chocolate covered, etc. Uštipci being a similar delicacy that are usually eaten with some cheese during late evenings or celebrations like weddings. Croatia being chock full of various dishes that we urge you to try if you ever decide to visit this beautiful country. So grab something homemade after or before your tour to Krka Waterfalls from Split, we are positive you will find something that you’d like.

Make your trip to Croatia even sweeter with a sweet dessert. Explore and admire the vast amount of sights and food to try in Croatia as we are positive you’ll find something that suits your taste palette. Croatia becoming one of the most visited and sought after Vacation spots due to the beautiful serene beaches, historic architecture and as you already know, delicious cuisine.

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Sea food close to Krka

Of course the more closer we get to the place where Krka river pours into the sea, the type of cuisine changes to the sea variant. When I mentioned sea shells, we definitely must not forget about the “Pokljansko jezero” and the dish called mussels on the buzzar.

Mussels on the Buzar being a traditional Dalmatian dish, the people living there eating seafood at least once per day. Whilst mussels are a niche taste, they are always prepared on special occasions. Whilst they might not suit everyones taste, you’re bound to get a chance to try them out when visiting Krka Waterfalls from Split.

We already established that Krka has several specialties to offer. Another one being rice with seafood that mixes in pieces of squid and various vegetables into a delicious burst of flavour. It’s a perfect meal for anyone that likes seafood, squid in particular, making it a must try dish that is sure to have you craving more of it during your trip to Krka Waterfalls from Split.

Šibenski brudet, one of if not the most popular dish in the Dalmatian area. Is a dish that is prepared with various fish, but most often than not, Cod. Brudet being offered in most restaurants so we highly doubt you will have trouble finding it in a restaurant in Krka during a trip from Split. Seeing as how sea food is quite well known in Croatia and especially the Dalmatian area. So don’t miss out on a chance to go to Krka Waterfalls from Split when you come visit! Krka Waterfalls has everything that you might want to see in a National park! So go ahead and see for yourself!

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Meat cuisine near Krka Waterfalls

Our cherished meat lovers, don’t think we forgot about you all because we are transitioning to the meat menu. In the area around Krka Waterfalls that isn’t by the sea, the usual meals are made from veal and pork, served with potatoes. The most popular dish being a peka, which is a slow cooked meal under a steel bell that is usually made from either veal, pig or octopus. Making it a perfect dish to order when visiting Krka with a transfer from Split.

Peka like we previously mentioned is a meal that is traditionally made during celebrations or special occasions, having to be cooked for a relatively long time. If you plan on trying this dish during a day trip to Krka, be prepared to wait for a while or reserve a spot in advance. The dish having several alterations to accommodate all tastes.

Whilst it might not be a typical meal, you can also find an offer for “Čevapi”, the meal remaining from Turkish influence when Turks inhabited the land. Around this area there are also micro-local specialties that we must not forget like the Skradinski rizot. Which is one of Dalmatia‘s and Croatia‘s staple dishes. It’s a meal that usually takes around 8 to 10 hours to prepare, but is traditionally made by men in, like the name suggests, Skradin. The dish being so well renown that it also impressed Anthony Bourdain, a famous gastro-critic.

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Desserts nearby National park Krka

Some of the traditional recipes Croatia has to offer are mostly Venetian desserts like Semifredo, Panacota, etc. So when you go on our Krka tour from Split you are bound to see some if not all of these dishes available to order at a restaurant close to Krka National park.

Semifredo for instance being a semi-frozen dessert that’s composed mostly of egg yolks, sugar and cream. The texture being similar to a mousse that has been frozen. Croats mostly adding various nuts into the mix to give it a bit of a crunch before coating it in chocolate syrup as a final touch. Making it a delicious dessert when you are either hot or cold.

Another popular dish you are bound to find in a restaurant would be Panna Cotta. Exploring Krka National park during a trip from Split is made even sweeter by trying out this delicacy. Originating from Italy, it is a sweetened cream thickened with gelatin and molded. Coffee, vanilla, etc. being added to aromatize it. The dessert is often a bit on the sweeter side so it’s perfect for people with a bit of a sweet tooth.

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Most popular ingredients used in Krka

Most local cuisine uses traditional ingredients that Croatia is known for, namely Olive Oil. The oil being one of the largest ingredients Croatia produces; the olives mostly grown on the island of Brač. The island that has well over 500 000 olive trees producing the oil. The process of producing olive oil happens in two stages. In the first stage the healthy olive fruit is crushed, followed by pressing the crushed fruit in the second stage to drain out pure olive oil. Cold pressing is the purest olive processing technology available. Olive oil also has several health benefits, namely being easy to digest and helping in the fight against cancer, along with helping in the growth of children. The oil also has a beneficial effect on the heart and veins. So it’s perfect if you plan on walking during an excursion to Krka Waterfalls.

Another beneficial ingredient that grown on Croatia‘s soil would be Rosemary. The plant growing in abundance near the sea due to the carrying sea breeze that brings moisture from it. The needle like leaves of Rosemary have a bitter, spicy and astringent taste to them. The plant mostly growing in mediterranean regions so you will be able to see the plant during a Krka tour from Split. Rosemary adding flavouring to fruits and meat dishes because of it. Rosemary encourages circulation and blood-flow to the brain, so in that sense it improves concentration and cures headaches. It is also a symbol of love and wiseness, being dedicated to the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. Food to try on day trip to Krka Waterfalls are numerous, having some that we failed to mention.

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Food that is fresh

Fortunately most Croatian food that is served in rustic restaurants come from a local farm, that includes the restaurants around Krka Waterfalls. Farm-to-table being a social movement that encourages local farmers and restaurants to use fresh ingredients that came straight from a local farm. So worry not about not getting fresh ingredients, the restaurants providing delicious cuisine that is made even better because it came from a local business.

The movement farm-to-table has risen more due to the changes about food safety, freshness and small-farm economics. Restaurants mostly always putting a note to what ingredients are fresh because they can’t source enough local ingredients on a day to day basis. Some restaurants also having connection to the farms by recommending them openly to customers if they would like to purchase oil, wine, cheese, etc. from a small farm vendor.

How restaurants handle food-to-table

Sometimes the restaurants and farms have a fairly deep connection with one another, with the farm producing crops specifically requested by the chef or the restaurant buying a certain percentage of the harvest. The farm-to-table movement of sorts being mostly done on farms where there’s usually a small restaurant that mostly always has fresh ingredients for you to enjoy. It is also to the benefit of the farmers as they can gain more profit by selling directly to a restaurant, along with being happy to know how their food will be treated at the restaurant. Restaurants on the other hand will be receiving produce that has been harvested in a span of 4 hours before they arrive, allowing a promise of fresh ingredients for people to enjoy.

Closing thoughts

That would be it about all the various recipes and dishes we urge you to try out. Whether you taste them in a restaurant during or after a Krka tour from Split, we are positive you will enjoy them. Krka Waterfalls isn’t just a beautiful sight to behold. The park having its fair share of exciting and delicious treats to try out during a tour to Krka National park from Split. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and explore Krka on a day trip tour or visit with a transfer, the National park is waiting for you! There’s no telling what you can get yourselves up to. Enjoy a delicious selection of desserts that will take your taste buds on a culinary Vacation. For more food that we urge you to try, you can see on here! Food to try on day trip to Krka Waterfalls.

Croatia being just one of many countries that have a rich gastro history. Travel throughout the Dalmatian coast and other regions in Croatia, tasting new unfamiliar flavours that are bound to make the Vacation even more exciting as you sight see not just the historic ruins, but wide range of restaurants as well! 🙂