How to get to Krka Waterfalls from Split?

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Krka Waterfalls is one of the best scenic places in all of Croatia. The serene beauty mixing with the calming cascading falls bringing a smile to anyone that gets a chance to visit it, but the route to Krka varies. After all, getting to Krka Waterfalls from Split is a relatively easy task to accomplish. Whether you are going by yourself or with a group tour, there are several methods of reaching Krka National park from Split.

Where are the Krka Waterfalls?

The natural park is located in the Šibenik-Knin County with an area of around 109 square kilometres. Krka Waterfalls being only two kilometers away from Knin to Skradin and the lower part of a neighbouring river Čikola. The Krka National park is a large and unchanged region for the most part. The natural value along with the bountiful flora making it one of the most pristine ecosystems. Having the second largest lavender density in Europe, so be careful of the frequency of wasps and bees.

Waterfalls in Croatia are all around it. If you happen to start your tour from Split, you’ll reach the famous Krka park in only one and a half hours. The park being positioned about 86 kilometres away from the neighbouring country of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Taking a Krka waterfalls excursion being the best way of reaching this beautiful national park. But during most of the excursions to Krka you’re bound to also have a trip to Šibenik included in it also. So don’t waste an opportunity to see what Croatia has to offer as we are positive you’ll be surprised at the selection! Make the most out of your Vacation in Croatia as we show you just one of many interesting sights that are present in this country. The natural geography of the place making it a beautiful serene place that always has a certain charm around it. Make the most out of your short but sweet Vacation in an entirely different country by taking in the sights throughout as we are positive you’ll find something well worthwhile to enjoy during the trip in Croatia.

Most frequent questions about getting to Krka

There’s plenty of beautiful moments that happen in Krka Waterfalls, along with a plethora of scenic moments that you just can’t help but take a picture of. Krka Waterfalls is after all one of the most beautiful places in Croatia for several decades now. But there’s also plenty of questions you might have about how to start your journey, anywhere from how to reach the National park, to what restaurants are close by. Whether it be how to get to Krka Waterfalls from Split or something else. There’s no limit what you can get yourself up to when you go to Krka Waterfalls from Split. Whether it’s your first time visiting or returning to admire the beauty of Krka National park. You won’t be disappointed by the lack of options.

Some of the most notable questions being:

Of course! Driving to Krka is as easy as taking a cab, van, tour or even renting out a car to go visit the National Park. You’ll find plenty of different roads that lead to or close to the beautiful Krka Waterfalls, along with different methods of transportation to get there. Croatia having several old and new roads it has built across the decades, including motorways. Of course the easiest method of reaching this charming national park would be from Split with a tour.

For those that would like to visit Krka Waterfalls you can do so by grabbing a daily bus, tour or even renting a car. Krka Waterfalls is located close to the A1 expressway; providing easy access to any of the multiple entrances to the park. You can reach Krka from any larger town or village in Croatia, but the best ones to visit it are from Split, Drniš, Šibenik and other nearby cities and villages. Croatia making several new roads that lead to the National park over the years.

Krka National park has easily accessible FREE parking spots in one of the main entrances, Lozovac being said entrance. But for other entrances there’s bound to be a location nearby that will allow you to park your car, van, motorcycle in close proximity. The park being a popular place for many during the high-season, Summer time; so finding a parking spot then can be tricky so keep that in mind. All in all, you won’t need to worry about a parking spot with a tour from Split.

The simple answer would be yes (but it’s free if you are younger than 7 years). Krka National Park is one of the most popular choices for a visitor to go and see; especially during the Summer period when people can take a dip next to a waterfall. Having bountiful flora and fauna, along with cultural values the park has people visiting it year round. If you’re interested in the prices you can check them here on the official site of Krka!

Why to visit Krka Waterfalls?

Some of the best memories you can gain is by experiencing things with friends and family. Krka being one of the best places to gain such memories due to it’s charm and popularity. Featuring easy to walk pathways and a charming beauty that changes with the seasons, Krka is truly a mesmerizing place to see. Whether you are visiting it due to recommendations or simply loved seeing it online, the choice is yours to make! One of the best methods to this day being with a Krka tour from Split.

And why stop there? You can easily return someday to experience a tour from Krka Waterfalls that has tickets included or even a different tour from Split. After all, Croatia has plenty of different sights and tours to go on. So don’t just stop after exploring Krka Waterfalls since Croatia is filled with various other tours and sights to admire during your vacation in Croatia.

Krka is one of the easiest National parks to visit if you’re spending your time in Split or a nearby coastline town. The National park having more than one entrance allowing you to see slightly different parts of the nature park if you so wish. So if you already were in Krka before, you can always enter through a different entrance to see parts you didn’t before. Making Krka Waterfalls a rather interesting tour destination to visit. Get to the National park either on your own or by taking a private taxi transfer to Krka Waterfalls. Enjoy a cozy air-conditioned transport service from Split or the airport to Krka. It’s all about what you find as the best method of getting to the popular National park.

What time is best to visit Krka

Krka along with many other places all around the world has a time of year where it just shines brightest. It’s not for no reason the National park has attracted so many visitors every year. The serene nature of the cascading waterfalls proving to be quite relaxing, allowing you to lose yourself in the natural park. Appreciate the sounds of nature during your short visit to one of the most beautiful National parks in Croatia. As there are very few things that can beat it; especially when you’re used to the busy bustle of cities.

But as for what season is best to visit this beautiful natural park. Most people would jump to Summer as Krka allowed swimming before the year 2021, but ever since then it’s been forbidden to preserve the natural integrity of the place. Krka Waterfalls are still a beautiful nature preserve, whether it be during the Fall/Autumn when most of the greenery turns a wide range of colours, or Spring where flowers and fauna in the park give it even more life.

You can also decide to visit Croatia or Krka during the cooler climates like the middle of Winter; giving a rare change to see Krka Waterfalls frozen solid; glistening with a mesmerizing light as the sun gets refracted by the ice. Allowing you to witness a winter wonderland of colours that will leave any visitor lost in thought when they catch a glimpse of it. All in all the decision falls on your shoulders; whether you enjoy the hotter or colder weather. There’s a plethora of locations near Krka that are just as worthwhile to pay a visit to.

There’s several things you can get yourself up to even after Krka tour from Split. Contact us for any questions or tour requests you might have during your visit in Split, we are sure we can answer any request you might have. So don’t be afraid of asking for anything that might catch your interest. After all we’re here to help make your Vacation all the better to enjoy!