Is Krka Waterfalls open during Coronavirus?

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Is Krka Waterfalls open during Coronavirus might just be the first question to ask. Ever since the year 2020 has started we experienced numerous bad omens like earthquakes, catastrophic explosions and the global pandemic that has affected the entire world, especially the tourist sector. Coronavirus (Covid-19) has caused the largest amount of mayhem in a long while, but the virus can’t do much with the proper precautions. We’ll try to explain you the methods which you can stay safe against Covid-19, what it is, what are the symptoms and how the future looks like so far. So you can look forward to going on a Krka tour from Split safely with friends/family.

What exactly is Covid-19?

As many people already know, Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a virus that originated from Wuhan – China. The virus thought to have originated from a bat, but scientists haven’t been able to confirm it 100%. Coronavirus is a family of viruses that are found in both animals and humans that have been active since 1960. SARS and MERS being some of the types of coronaviruses, whilst the one that caused the current pandemic in 2020 is called Covid-19. The virus first appearing in early December 2019 in China, and has since been the persistent cause of mostly all countries closing their borders.

How can I tell I have Coronavirus?

It certainly is a scary question to ask yourself knowing how infamous the virus is. The primary symptoms of the virus being:

  • a fewer – this means your body temperature is higher and/or you feel hot to touch on your back or chest (you usually don’t need to measure your temperature)
  • coughing frequently – this means coughing a lot more than usual, having 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours or so. (If you frequently couch in general like myself, it may be a lot worse than usual)
  • losing or having a different sense of taste or smell – this means you’ve discovered you can’t smell or taste anything, or things beginning to taste or smell different to normal.

In the more severe cases, pneumonia, kidney failure and death can occur. To this day, more than 965,000 people have died from the pandemic, and about 31,000,000 people have been infected.

How can we fight back against Covid-19?

There’s several measures you can take to ensure that you will be protected from catching Covid-19, or if you are already infected to protect others. Fortunately enough protection against the virus is relatively simple. Personal hygiene playing a huge role in protecting against the spread of Coronavirus and ensuring the safety of others. The most notable suggestions being:

  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Don’t touch your face with your hands if you have been in public where someone could have inadvertently touches railings, door handles, etc. whilst carrying around the virus.
  • Keep a distance at stores and other places of at least 2 meters
  • Make sure to wear a mask whenever you go inside closed spaces like stores, supermarkets, public transport, etc.

When can you expect to travel again?

So far most countries have shut down their borders to limit the spread of Coronavirus and we can’t predict how much the situation will change in the following months or god forbid years. Travelling during this pandemic is troublesome, people having to go into a 14 day quarantine once they come back from Vacation in order to see if they develop any symptoms of Covid-19.

Croatia also has cases of Covid-19 as one would expect. The country taking strict actions in containing the spread with regular cleaning in all stores and limiting entry of people in businesses. Krka National park and most other parks still being open even during this pandemic. So as long as you follow guidelines and safety precautions we are sure you won’t have much difficulty exploring this beautiful country even during this pandemic. Don’t let the pandemic ruin your Vacation, enjoy relaxing and safe alternatives with a private tour option with close friends or family. We’re sure your Krka tour from Split will go along swimmingly regardless.

Choose something else to do if not Krka

Croatia is a country with a number of different tours you can partake in. Enjoy a relaxing time with Rafting or choose a blood pumping adrenaline excursion like Ziplining. We have several options to choose from. Whether you are a fan of adrenaline, explorer or even boat tours!

But if you so happen to want to enjoy the National park, the best way would be to take a Krka tour from Split. Admire the serene beauty that flourishes in Krka Waterfalls from Split with an exciting tour from Split. Contact us for any questions you might have in relation with the tour or Croatia in general, we will try our best to answer any questions/requests you might have. So your Krka tour from Split can go without a hitch. 🙂