Is swimming allowed in Krka 2024

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Is swimming allowed in Krka 2024 is one of the first questions you will ask surely. The attractive sights of the beautiful National park attracting numerous people and being the key feature for many to come pay Krka National park a visit.

Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed in Krka Waterfalls since January 2021,

But that is not a reason not to visit Krka waterfalls 🙂

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Krka Waterfalls has been the centre of attention for anyone coming to visit Croatia. The serene beauty of cascading waterfalls offering gorgeous and stunning photographic opportunities to anyone visiting. The National park offering several things to see inside it’s land, from the couple main waterfalls, fauna, flora and even a nearby cave filled with history. It’s a National park that doesn’t lack anything, making it a worthwhile day trip to take from Split. So enjoy your Vacation by admiring the beautiful sights decorating Krka Waterfalls.

The park being a perfect trip to take whether you are young or old; being relatively easy to traverse thanks to several wooden paths running throughout it. Experience the beauty of Croatia all around by simply walking through Krka’s lush flora that we are almost certain you will enjoy. After all, Nationals parks in Croatia are there to be admired and enjoyed. So don’t waste an opportunity to visit Krka Waterfalls from Split when you come to Croatia. There’s more than a number of sights to witness inside this National park. From waterfalls to even historic ruins of Roman camps. Krka Waterfalls being a perfect relaxation spot if you’re looking for something with a slow pace to explore. You can also look into getting a private taxi transfer to Krka Waterfalls, making it a quick and cozy method of transportation to the National park.

The food in particular being fresh in the restaurants around Krka, some coming straight from a farm to your table for you to enjoy. So don’t waste an opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful locations in all of Croatia, you’ll be surprised how many other beautiful sights go unnoticed in this country. Some of the hidden gems being the several farms and smaller towns around the National park, along with the historic ruins scattered throughout the nature park.

What to see in Krka Waterfalls?

Fortunately Krka Waterfalls has no shortage of things you can see and admire during your visit. Being home to several waterfalls that have risen in popularity, along with other historic sights. Krka Waterfalls being one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful National Park in all of Croatia. The park being an ideal place to walk around in and simply admire the various sights it has.

Notable waterfalls in Krka

Skradinski Buk, or A.k.a. as the longest waterfall in Krka Waterfalls, is one of the most well known in the National Park. Travertine barriers, islands and lakes making up a large majority of the waterfall. One thing to note about it is that it is easily viewed all year round thanks to a series / network of paths and bridges that provide an easy and comfortable walking path. It was also the location where you would previously swim next to during the Summer period, but we’ll talk more about it further down.

Roški slap, or A.k.a. “The Vast Waterfall” is a network of waterfalls that is made up of a series of smaller waterfalls and a main one that is 22.5 meters. Positioned around 36 kilometres downstream from the spring of Krka River. You’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself whilst admiring this long waterfalls during your walk through Krka National Park.

Notable sights in Krka Waterfalls

Visovac island, in my opinion one of the most beautiful and interesting sights in all of Krka. The island on itself being a beautiful sight which only makes it even more important to see if you’re visiting Krka Waterfalls from Split. Visovac housing both a church and a monastery, having a lot of religious value due to it, which in turn attracts a wide range of pilgrims to it’s small territory. The monastery especially housing a valuable assortment of archaeological discoveries, books, dishes and church linens. Due to the centuries of worshipping the Mother of God, the island has gotten the name “Our Lady’s island“.

Burnum Roman military base, erected at a position that allowed optimal control at the start of the new era. Hidden in the very middle of Dalmatian-Zagora region, deep in the overgrown flora and rocks. The military base being the seat of XI Roman legion of Claudiae Piae Fidelis and IV legion of Flaviae Felix. Fortunately you can still visit and admire the arches of the command building in the camp, being the only military amphitheatre in Croatia. So it’s a pretty unique sight to see in person if you happen to have a chance to pay a visit to.

But like many other places throughout Croatia. Going on a Krka tour from Split will showcase the most beautiful sights in the National park, whether you already seen some of it or not.

Why the ban on swimming?

A lot of people might feel cheated by not being able to take a dip in the refreshing waters of Krka, but it’s in order to preserve natural resources and the richness of biodiversity. The main reasons being those, along with lowering pollution. Climate change being one of the reasons as well as preserving the development of travertine barriers, along with preserving the wildlife in the National Park. The good thing to hear that this isn’t the first measure the National Park of Krka Waterfalls has introduced to preserve this natural gem. In 2017 swimming being allowed to only 10,000 visitors at one time at Skradinski Buk.

Fortunately Krka is allowing swimming at other locations inside the beautiful National park. The locations being not as popular as Skradinski Buk, but they do offer a relaxing experience in the following locations: Stinice, RemetićPisak and downstream of Roški Slap. Allowing you to at least enjoy taking a dip in the water close to Krka Waterfalls. So whilst the ban on swimming is active, you have some nice alternatives. But Krka Waterfalls doesn’t need swimming to be a beautiful lush National park. Enjoy the serene beauty of it during your short Vacation that is sure to open your eyes. There’s so many different things you can do during your Krka tour from Split so make the most of the situation, whether it’s your first or dozenth time visiting the beautiful National park.

Along with the several other experiences that you are bound to notice during your travels throughout the country, make the most out of your Vacation by exploring more than just Krka National park with the Krka tour from Split. We’re almost positive you’ll find something well worth the effort in exploring. Whilst Croatia might be a relatively small country, it more than makes up for it by the sheer amount of quality sights it has in it’s territory, ranging from beautiful National parks to historic old towns in several major cities.

How to get to Krka Waterfalls?

Getting to Krka is as easy as taking a bus and going there, yes, we’re serious. It’s only natural that a park as popular as Krka Waterfalls has several means of getting to it. The simplest method of getting to Krka Waterfalls would be by bus, that way enabling you to decide for yourself how long you want to stay in the beautiful nature park or by taking a transfer to Krka Waterfalls. Is swimming allowed in Krka won’t be the question on your mind once you see the beauty of the National park of Krka Waterfalls.

Another method would be in going there with your own car, enabling you the freedom of choosing to visit any other places along the way; along with choosing the time to arrive & depart from it. But the most popular method would have to be going with a tour. Is swimming allowed in Krka.

Our Krka Waterfalls tour enables you the freedom of exploring this beautiful National park without having to worry about transfer or grabbing something to eat, as we include it inside the tour from Split. Let yourself relax as we take you on a memorable excursion that will leave you satisfied. After all, you are here to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Make the most out of your time in another country. Go on a Krka tour from Split or visit nearby places on your own. Whilst you might not be able to take a swim under the beautiful waterfalls anymore, there are several nearby swimming locations that are bound to offer a nice place to relax upon, whether it’s your first time visiting Krka or not.

What to see after?

All in all Krka Waterfalls on itself won’t change much, but if you happen to want to explore various other things other than the National Park we can strongly suggest visiting other National parks or going on different tour options from Split. Having a wide plethora of excursions to take part in for the first time or the tenth time. There’s always something to see in Krka National park when you come visit.

Whether you want to go exploring more of Croatia’s nature or experiencing the adrenaline rush of an adventure tour. We can organize anything that suits your fancy. Experience and enjoy your Vacation in Croatia fully and don’t let an opportunity pass you by. Take a gander at some of the tours we have at our disposal. We’re sure you’ll want to do something that’s exciting or equally as relaxing as the Krka tour from Split, whether that is a boat tour or an adrenaline excursion. There’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy during your Vacation in a completely different country. Along with providing a chance to see exactly why Krka tour from Split has grown to such popularity.

6 people Rafting on Cetina river

Rush down river rapids and experience the thrill of adrenaline. Enjoy yourself by exploring the river Cetina as you descend it, passing through a cave along the way and working as a team to traverse the rapids along the way. Rafting is the ideal tour for beginners to take part in offering excitement for young and old.

Man on Zipline

For those that aren’t afraid of heights, or those that want to face their fear, Zipling offers just that. Feel your heart race as you descend down a zipline at up to 80 mp/h above several dozen meters off the ground. It’s truly a tour made to make stories and gloat to your friends and family about going on it. Go ahead and test your bravery.

Two people sea kayaking under a wooden log

The serene blue colour of the reflective water is a beautiful sight, especially during Summer. Kayaking being one of the most relaxing and popular tours to partake in during your time in Split, or any other town. The tour being a pleasant experience to partake in even after a long day. Kayaking being perfect for young and old alike.

Final thoughts

Whilst the swimming ban next to the enchanting Skradinski Buk might be disheartening news to some about visiting Krka Waterfalls, we strongly believe that Krka Waterfalls is more than just a swimming location. Enjoy the various flora, fauna and historic ruins that lie in and close to the National park. But fortunately enough, as we previously mentioned, you shouldn’t feel dissatisfied as Krka Waterfalls will allow swimming at other locations inside it’s territory.

Krka has garnered a fair bit of popularity and we don’t expect that to change one bit. So don’t let a little change like this stop you from visiting and admiring Krka Waterfalls to the fullest. Visit another National park or go on an exciting tour from Split, after all, the only thing stopping you is yourself. Enjoy a relaxing/refreshing experience on a Krka tour from Split that will widen your horizons and make your trip to Croatia all the more worthwhile. Make the most out of your trip to Croatia by visiting the various different sights that are abundant in the country, from beautiful National treasures to charming beaches that litter the coastline. There’s plenty of different things all throughout Krka tour from Split that we’re positive you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Contact us for any questions you might hold, we are positive that we will try to be of the best service. After all, it’s not every day you get to visit an entirely different country during your travels.