Island Visovac on Krka river

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Located an hour away from Split and not even twenty minutes away from Šibenik. Krka National park with its 7 waterfalls is also the proud owner of another natural phenomenon, island Visovac. Island Visovac is located on the same named lake Visovac in the tranquil flow of river Krka. If you thought that Krka was constantly busy, you will find a breath of fresh air as not many people visit this beautiful location. Visovac is the second largest lake in the Dalmatian region. The park being so well known that no matter what, you would always see a picture of it when reading anything about National park Krka.

What does Visovac have?

The Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy, and the Church of Our Lady of Visovac that are located on the island Visovac, is first mentioned in the 15th century by the arrival of Franciscans that still stay there during this very day. The central place of worship of the Mother of God is the image of the lady who, according to the story, was brought by the Franciscans when they settled on the island.

It is also the reason why the island of Visovac is also called Our Lady’s Island. The monastery itself and the church are one of the reasons why the island of Visovac on the river Krka has always attracted a large number of pilgrims from everywhere and today more and more tourists want to enjoy its peace and beauty. Krka Waterfalls from Split offers both a spiritual and explorative journey through its territory after all.

Island Visovac has over history become a symbol of preservation of Croatia‘s nationality, since it was conquered from the side of Turks during the Ottoman empire‘s history. During the second world war the island was divided between two different countries, and only after the homeland war and the attack it faced did the Franciscans that live on it receive peace.

Today you can find a souvenir shop, places to grab a bite to eat and several fountains where you can rest up, drink and take back a souvenir as a reminder of your Krka Waterfalls from Split trip. So don’t dilly-dally, explore the National park at your own pace.

How to access Visovac island?

The only way of accessing the island is by a Krka tour from Split or going on your own and taking the boat ride from Krka National park. One of the options being a boat ride from Skradinski buk to Roški slap in a span of four hours, also being the most ideal method of exploring the park by boat and enjoying the various sights. If you just want to sight see island Visovac without the waterfalls, then you can do just that if you start from Stinica and Remetić.

For sightseeing island Visovac you need around 45 minutes to do so, depending on your walking speed of course. Walking around the island you are bound to appreciate the plethora of plant life, ranging up to 180 of them; along with several species of animal that wander in silence. The animal that has grown quite famous/popular on the island being the peacock, being a permanent resident of Visovac island.

On island Visovac lovers of culture and history won’t feel dissatisfied because the island itself hides one more secret. The interesting monastery and the library inside it protect a large number of books of great value from Croatian literature, along with being the owner of the smallest books in the world.

Where is Visovac located?

In regards to the very position of the island, Visovac is located around 10 kilometres from Skradin. If you were planning on visiting the park by car, that might be the best and simplest option in visiting and later taking a boat to visit the beautiful island. We strongly urge you to visit Visovac if it’s your first time in Krka National park. As we already mentioned previously, Skradinski buk, Roški slap, etc. are some of the natural beauties inside Krka National park.

Of course if you’re visiting Krka National park on our group tour from Split, then all you need to do is get comfortable and bring good energy with you, as we’ll worry about everything else. All the important information of when the boat to Visovac island departs and pricelist for 2021 you can find on the official National park Krka site, or contact us.

Going on a Krka tour from Split is sure to make your stay in Croatia one of the most enjoyable. Along with being the easiest method to visit Krka Waterfalls from Split. The National park having several methods of being explored by.