Itinerary list for Split Croatia

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Itinerary list for Split Croatia. Many people wonder what their time in a foreign country will be like. Choosing the correct time and places to visit quite difficult for some people, so that’s why we decided to help you out a bit. Anything from arranging a tour from Split or accommodation in Split. Making travel plans should never be troublesome and that’s why we’ll make sure that travelling won’t be a hassle for you! Let us worry about planning it out from start to finish, letting you only worry about coming there and being available. Just like a Krka tour from Split, we’ll worry about all the details to make your trip as smooth as possible.

Start of your journey

If you’re meaning on visiting Split you will most likely be landing in Split airport, which is located around 54 minutes from the city. Getting to Split is as easy as calling a taxi, private transfer or even a bus that frequently goes during the day.

Once you set foot in the city you will surely first head off to your apartment that you rented. After all, carrying luggage around can be cumbersome so it’s easier leaving it at your place.

Deciding where to go

Luckily for you Split is a rather large town that has a couple of different sights to see. The city being famous for having an “old town“, a.k.a. “Diocletian palace” that is located at the heart of Split. Also being the hub of tourism (When there’s no pandemic), attracting numerous visitors from all across the globe, making it quite a popular choice to walk around and get lost in. Split being a town with countless opportunities to experience, anything from numerous restaurants and bar to hidden monuments that make for great photos.

There’s also a nearby forest/hill that is a favourite among locals, “Marjan“. Being a popular choice for people to walk around and get a feeling of nature as they take in the fresh air and beautiful secluded beaches that litter the coastline of the forest. An Itinerary list for Split Croatia is after all a nice thing to have. But one surefire thing you can go on is a Krka tour from Split.

Grabbing a bite to eat

Split also has a notable selection of different cuisine you can try out, the region of SplitDalmatia” being famous for its seafood, when not its historic architecture. Some most notable restaurants that we urge you to dine in being:

  • Konoba kod Joze – A favourite among locals and known for having traditional Dalmatian dishes at hand. Konoba kod Joze is truly amazing with it’s specialty dishes that will let your taste buds explore Dalmatia to the fullest.
  • Bakra Steak & Pizza bar – Those that want to sink their teeth into something familiar like BBQ will surely be delighted by this restaurant. The place being decorated in a charming rustic/modern appearance with an ever lasting delicious smell wafting throughout the area; that is, if you enjoy meat.
  • Pizzeria Gušt – Almost everyone loves Pizza. Whether they enjoy “Margarita“, “Capriciossa” or even pineapple Pizza (no judgement), there’s a pizza fit for everyone. Experience one of the best pizza places that we know of in Split, located a couple of minutes away from the old town you will surely be delighted by the rustic charm of the restaurant with traditional Italian influenced Pizza.

Those that enjoy a quiet and relaxing time won’t find a better tour to go on. Kayaking garnering a lot of attention for those that want to enjoy the more peaceful adrenaline tours as they take in the sights from sea level. The tour will take you around the famous “Marjan” forest hill as you paddle around it and enjoy the fresh air.

Widely regarded as a fun and thrilling adventure tour, Rafting is also a personal favourite of mine. Taking place on the Cetina river in the town of Omiš, the tour will take you down river rapids. And for those that want to test their bravery, Rafting will also offer a chance to jump from a cliff into the river below.

For the true daredevils out there, Ziplining might just be the tour to sate that adrenaline hunger. Experience the wind blowing in your face as you rush down at up to 50 km/h down a zipline. The tour taking place in the nearby mountain of Mosor, and one being located near Omiš.

Where to go after Split?

If you happen to have a bit of extra time on your hands and want to explore further than Split and the neighbouring activities, it can be quite troublesome to decide where to head off to. Croatia being a rather large country that has countless of different towns and places you must check out eventually. Some of em being relatively close by to Split like Omiš and Trogir. There’s also several tours from Split to another country you can partake in, like a trip from Split-Plitvice-Zagreb.

Take part in exciting trips inside or outside of Croatia‘s border. Sight-see the neighbouring country of Bosnia & Herzegovina and enjoy it’s local cuisine that is bound to make your mouth water from the taste. After all, Croatia isn’t the only country that is worth visiting. Whilst it’s true that it is one of the most famous ones, the former Yugoslavia countries each have their own sights and things you are bound to enjoy seeing during your Vacation.

Whether you decide to stay a bit longer and possibly go ahead to explore the capital city or venture back home. There’s bound to be something of interest to you that we are sure you will fancy. Whether going on a tour to Krka Waterfalls from Split or finding a place to stay. We’re sure you will know what you want to do! 🙂 So don’t waste a second to decide where you would like to venture off to. After all, picking and wondering where to go next is part of the fun when it comes to visiting unknown locations, so let your adventuristic spirit run wild when you come to Croatia.

Additional info

Whether you need help with choosing a place to stay, tour to go on, private transfer, etc. We are sure we can arrange it! Let us worry about your travel plans as we arrange everything from the apartment you will stay at to the tours you will go on, after all, travelling is supposed to be fun and relaxing. 🙂

Whether you want to go on a Krka tour from Split or find a relaxing accommodation to stay at, don’t hesitate to contact us. Even if you just want a transfer to Krka Waterfalls from Split we’re sure we can figure something out perfect for you. We are here to answer any question you might have and are more than willing to help you out with any requests you might have during your stay.