Krka Excursion from Split small group

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Krka Waterfalls is widely regarded as the most beautiful national park in Croatia. The serene lush beauty of it will leave most in awe as they take in the sights and melodious cascading waterfalls that fill the nature park. It’s no secret that you are bound to enjoy your time in Krka Waterfalls. The National park garnering quite a lot of attention due to being a relatively popular tour from Split.

“But what can I do in Krka Waterfalls I hear you asking, well, there’s plenty of sights and things for you to experience in this popular national park. Krka Waterfalls from Split being one of the most visited tours in all of Croatia. Anything from the cascading waterfalls that Krka got its name for to old historic ruins that are nearby, the park is truly filled with wonder. So go ahead and explore the wonders that are bountiful in this National park. The National park having more than a number of both beautiful and exciting sights to lay your eyes on. After all, the National park hasn’t become one of the most popular places in Croatia for nothing. Krka tour from Split being one of the easiest tours to go on. So come and see for yourself what Krka Excursion from Split small group is truly like!

Krka Waterfalls having more than it’s fair share things to see during the trip. Ranging from beautiful enchanting waterfalls, historic Roman ruins all the way to intricate cave systems that even house some species of bats that you might be fortunate enough to see during the Krka tour from Split. Along with the most visited places that litter the National park of Krka Waterfalls. We’re positive you will find a way to do something when you visit Krka with a tour from Split.

There’s also a number of nearby locations that are well worth visiting once you run out of things to do in Krka Waterfalls. Experience the wonders of the nearby places close to Krka National park. Visit and explore the historic town of Šibenik during your short vacation in Croatia.

How will I start?

The most difficult choice with anything is how you will start, fortunately for you we are here to at least help you out by guiding you along your path. In order to start exploring Krka Waterfalls you first need to reach the national park, and luckily for you there are numerous options to do so. You can choose to go alone by simply going by bus or your own car or go on an organized group tour to Krka Waterfalls. Add a little bit of adventure to your life by going on a Krka tour from Split. No matter what choice you decide upon we are sure you will enjoy yourselves, believe us on that part. It isn’t without reason that Croatia has garnered so much attention in recent years.

Croatia is full of wonder, but Krka Waterfalls is full of memories that you are bound to make. So take part in creating new experiences solo, with friends or family. We’re positive you will find something that fits your style of a tour. It’s just important not to stop looking for the thing that attracts you about Croatia. The country having more than just a couple of sights and interesting tour destinations, not just Krka Waterfalls, for you to explore on foot. After all, Croatia is full of wonderful destinations and sights that are just waiting for you to explore and lay witness. It’s just a matter of going out there and seeing everything with your own two eyes.

Krka for instance having more than a couple of beautiful enchanting waterfalls worth sightseeing; whether it is your first time travelling or your tenth. Whilst the National park might be famous for it’s waterfalls, it also possesses some historic Roman ruins that are well worth visiting for those that enjoy learning and discovering new history. Krka is also home to several cave systems that house some local fauna like bats. Traverse through the natural beauty of the place and discover what really makes the Nature park so popular.

Things to look out for

Krka like many other National parks in Croatia has several things and activities to keep you entertained during your visit. Whether you are exploring the waterfalls or learning about the rich history of Roman ruins that litter the territory of Krka. There’s something so beautiful about finding an interesting Nature park to explore during your vacation in Croatia.

Things and sights to see in Krka Waterfalls

After you get to go on a Krka Excursion from Split small group and end up buying/receiving your tickets it’s time to start exploring! Luckily for you Krka Waterfalls doesn’t hold back from providing various beautiful sights that we are sure you will enjoy. Just take a gander at some of the sights and let us tell you what you can expect:

  • Skradinski BukKrka Waterfalls most famous and longest waterfalls in all of Krka. The waterfall cascades being made up of various islands, lakes and travertine barriers. Luckily for you, you’ll get a chance to see this beautiful waterfall all throughout the year thanks to a network of paths and bridges, that offer an unburdened and safe walking experience.
  • Roški slap – also known as the “vast waterfall” is made up of various cascades, backwaters and travertine islands with one high main waterfalls of 22.5 meters. Situated around 36km downstream from where the Krka River starts flowing. The beginning of the barrier being made up of several smaller cascades that are followed by islets and backwaters.
  • Visovac island – one of Croatia’s most valuable cultural and natural sight. The island has been a popular destination for pilgrims for several decades due to The Franciscan Monastary of Our Lady of Mercy, and the Church of Our Lady of Visovac being stood here since 1445. A valuable archaeological collection, historic church linens, dishes and a rich library are housed inside the monastery.
  • Oziđana pećina – this wonderful locality that you can get a chance to see during an educational walking trail Stinice – Roški slap – Oziđana pećina, is a site of exceptional natural, cultural and historical significance. Presence of all Neolithic cultures of the Adriatic region being confirmed due to archaeological research, from the early to middle Bronze Age.

Something to pay attention to in Krka

Whilst you might get lost admiring the mesmerizing scenery of Krka Waterfalls, it’s important to remember some guidelines. Krka Waterfalls is a beautiful national park that is made even better with a chance to swim in them. The park is known to be quite easy to move around, but it doesn’t hurt to know a couple of friendly tips to send you on your way:

  • Krka Waterfalls is a popular park, so always make sure to at least plan ahead as there can be quite a lot of people during the Summer season.
  • Pickpockets can be anywhere in the world, that includes Krka Waterfalls. Make sure to store your valuables in a secure location on your person or divide them between various pockets.
  • The park is widely considered easy to walk around on, but we do recommend you to wear comfortable non-slip shoes as the wooden paths become slippery when wet.
  • An interesting thing about Krka is that it was the only national park that allowed swimming (the ban on swimming coming into effect at the start of 2021.), but there are certain locations near Krka that still allow swimming.
  • If you plan on grabbing a bite to eat in one of the restaurants at Krka, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that some offer a “farm-to-table” option of ingredients that came straight from a local farm, but the amount is limited as they can’t provide it on a day to day basis.
  • Krka is also relatively close to several beautiful locations that you can easily visit after or before your trip to the National park. Making your day all the better as you enjoy the refreshing sights that are scattered around Krka Waterfalls.

What to do after Krka Waterfalls?

Krka Waterfalls is one of Croatia’s most prized sights to behold. The serene cascading waterfalls provide a melody like never before that brings relaxation upon the soul. Now that you finished exploring the beautiful national park of Krka Waterfalls you might be feeling slightly lost as to what you can get yourself up to. Whether you want to explore another national park that Croatia has or go on an adrenaline fueled adventure, it’s up to you to decide. So don’t let your Vacation go to waste, experience new and exciting opportunities as you explore this beautiful country.

It’s important to keep broadening your horizons when visiting new countries like Croatia for instance. Anything from exciting bone shivering ziplining to exploring a much larger park like Plitvice lakes, there’s bound to be a destination to your liking other than going on a Krka tour from Split. Even for those afraid of heights or not extroverted; the tours are a perfect way to enjoy yourself and possibly meet a couple of cool people to form a connection with!

Krka not being the only worthwhile tour to go on once you arrive in Croatia. The country being known for it’s crystal clear beautiful beaches, having several that are well worth exploring and taking a moment to appreciate the wide array of things to do during your stay in Croatia. After all, there’s more than meets the idea when you’re exploring new and unfamiliar territories like Krka Waterfalls. You’ll have more than your fair share of new and interesting things to do during your vacation in Croatia. Especially when the Krka small group tour from Split tour that we offer becoming so popular in recent years.

Things to look out for

Krka like many other places in the world has it’s fair share of interesting tidbits to be mindful of. The wooden paths becoming quite slippery so it’s important to wear some footwear that has good grip. Krka National park providing several dozen mesmerizing views of the nature and waterfalls it holds in it’s territory. Sight see and explore the secrets of Krka during a Krka small group tour from Split, we are almost certain you will find something new to discover as you make your way through the beautiful lush Nature park.

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Plitvice lakes is regarded as Croatia‘s most beautiful and largest national park. The park being a popular destination to visit during a Split to Zagreb Plitvice tour and vice-versa, due to the park being along the way. Plitvice have garnered quite a lot of fame due to their relaxing and lush greenery that absolutely fills the entirety of the park. The park has also been a part of several scientific researches, primarily focused on the quality of water, having 14 water research stations scattered throughout the National park.

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One of the most affordable, fun and exciting tours to take part in. Rafting has been a popular tour to take part in due to it’s simplicity, paddle down river rapids and enjoy the scenery. Truly a fascinating tour to enjoy with family/friends; and at the end test your bravery by jumping from a cliff into the water below.

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For those daredevils that enjoy the feeling of their heart going at a million times per hour will surely enjoy Ziplining. Test your bravery as you zip down a zipline at incredible speeds. Ziplining has forever been a sport that terrified any person with a fear of heights, but we do have a remedy, don’t look down. 🙂

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