Krka tour from Split all you need to know

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Krka tour from Split all you need to know. It’s been a fair bit since this entire pandemic started more than a year ago, the norm being to take your mask everywhere you go. We’re sure you also wanted to take a breather from the busy city life by taking a breath of fresh air, so that’s the perfect reason to go on a Krka Waterfalls tour from Split! Enjoy the beauty of nature that remained pure after several decades in Croatia. After all the beauty that Croatia has in store is well worth the visit in order to enjoy the sights and country. So go and experience what a Krka tour from Split is really like.

There’s more than a couple of interesting sights to behold in Krka National park. From serene waterfalls to history rich ruins of Roman camps. You won’t get tired quick during your trip to Krka from Split. Enjoy a fruitful excursion or visit the nature park on your own with a private transfer from Split.  There’s no doubt in our minds you won’t enjoy the beautiful nature park. Experience the colourful array of natural flora and fauna that is bountiful in Krka Waterfalls. After all, it’s not everyday you get the chance to explore the natural beauty of a new unfamiliar country. We’re positive you’ll find something to keep yourself preoccupied during your visit because it’s not everyday you get to experience an entirely different country.

When is the perfect time to visit Krka Waterfalls?

Croatia is a country that is perfect to visit any month of the year. Each season bringing its own charm to the country that give it a new type of beauty for you to admire. “But what season makes Krka Waterfalls the most beautiful to visit?” I can hear you asking, well, all of them give their own beauty to the National park. Summer popping into most people’s heads so you can meander throughout the park in sandals and short sleeves, whilst Winter has a chance of freezing the beauty of Krka Waterfalls to a standstill, offering a chance to see its frozen winter beauty.

The National park also has a number of views that are accessible from different paths inside the park. So if you happen to arrive earlier or later you might just be able to see the sunlight scattering across the trees in the National park, providing an almost enchanting sight. So if you’re debating coming to Krka, just take a private transfer from Split to the National park, we are positive you won’t regret the decision. After all is said and done, there’s always other places to keep you occupied during your Vacation in Croatia.

But if you’re more curious at what hour of the day to visit, usually the best time is early in the morning at around 08:00-09:00 to avoid the much larger crowds that start showing up. But you can always visit the National park in the afternoon when most crowds are departing, just be careful you don’t arrive too late when the park starts closing (08:00-18:00) being the usual working hours.

Krka has been for years now a fantastic tour location to go with either family or friends. There’s a wide selection of activities to get yourselves up to whether it be your first time going or your second. National park Krka Waterfalls is bound to make the trip memorable with it’s enchanting flora and rich historic monuments that survived for millenia.

So take a stroll through the charming natural beauty whether with a group tour or on your own. There’s positives to both ways; going on your own offering more freedom in deciding how long to stay; whilst an organized tour will let you relax more with everything already planned out so you don’t need to worry about anything else as you enjoy the nature around Krka.

What sights to see and admire in Krka

Many people know about one of Croatia’s most beautiful places, but not many can count the sights within Krka Waterfalls. So for now, we will be showcasing some of the most interesting sights that make Krka Waterfalls as beautiful as it is. The National park is made out of several waterfalls, travertines and isles. Some of the most important sights being:

  • Skradinski Buk – Made out of several travertine barriers, isles and lakes. The waterfall can be viewed all throughout the year due to the plethora of bridges and paths that lead around it. On Skradinski Buk you will also be able to see refurbished mills which have utilized the energy of the waterfalls for centuries. In order to keep some of the traditional architecture intact, some of the mills have been refurbished as a souvenir shop.
  • Visovac island – Located in Krka National park, this lone island has been the home of a Franciscan monastery of “Mother of Mercy” and the church of “Gospe Visovačke” since the year 1445. The island is renown for it’s unique secluded nature and beauty, having a boat that goes a couple of times per day to transfer visitors and re-supply the island. The monastery is also home to a relatively large archeological collection and rich library with rare books.
  • Roški slap – This 22.5 meter high main waterfall is also known under a different name “Vast waterfall“. Made out of one main waterfall and countless cascades, backwaters and travertine islands. The waterfall is situated about 36 kilometres downstream of Krka’s river spring. Over the waterfalls there is also a road that dates back all the way to Roman times. Another great thing about Roški waterfall is that the natural environment is pristine, being a must see location for any nature lover.

How to explore Krka Waterfalls

Like many other National parks, Krka Waterfalls is a beauty that we urge you to visit. But you might soon realize that the park has multiple entrances that take you throughout the beautiful nature park. Whilst the entrances are relatively similar to one another, some take you along different paths of Krka Waterfalls. The most common ones being “Lozovac” and “Skradin“. But no matter what entrance you choose, you will be able to sight see the beauty of Krka through each one of em.

Whilst sightseeing the National park can be quite daunting, you can always choose to pick a tour option that will take you to visit more than just Krka National park. The tour that we have giving you the freedom to explore on your own whilst also letting you visit Šibenik town and have Lunch included in the price. After all, exploring a new unfamiliar National park does work up an appetite.

But if you’re not a fan of group tours there’s always the opportunity of going on your own, allowing you a lot more freedom to decide how long you want to stay and which sights to see in Krka Waterfalls, along with deciding if you’d like to make a stop somewhere along the way if going with a car. But keep in mind Krka Waterfalls has multiple entrances that have different routes through the territory so you can get to see different views depending which entrance you go through. Along with providing an unique experience each time you choose a different entrance.

Things to note about Krka Waterfalls

Krka Waterfalls might be a beautiful wonder of nature, but that’s not everything that is worthwhile seeing in this National park. The park home to a couple of historic monuments and building, having been a base for several Roman troops back in the day. There’s also several mills around the park, some being turned into souvenier shops whilst others have been restored to keep their old charm. You can still see the souvenier shop during a Krka tour from Split.

But Krka also has a couple of other neat things about it. The park being home to several dozen species of flora and fauna that make it seem even more like a comfortable and beautiful experience to walk through. The waterfalls being especially active when Spring arrives due to the plethora of animals that start waking up from their Winter hibernation, making it a great season to come visit the National park.

The National park having a wide range of interesting sights and monuments we urge you to visit. Sights ranging from several waterfalls to even old Roman ruins that litter Krka Waterfalls. Along with the fact you’ll have a number of other destinations we urge you to sightsee during your travels to Croatia. We are almost certain you will find something interesting and worthwhile for you to do. There’s also a number of other places worth visiting during your stay in Split which are quite easy to take a gander at if not visit yourselves. There’s genuinely a wondrous number of activities to get yourselves up to. Along with the fact you’ll have several exciting news to witness whilst exploring the newfound places.

Krka has been one of the most visited and beautiful locations in Croatia’s territory. The National park attracting several thousand tourists each passing year for it’s beauty alone, but that’s not the only reason Krka is worth sight seeing. You’ll be able to find several historic Roman ruins scattered all throughout Krka‘s territory. We’re almost certain you’ll have a great time enjoying the views of the different aspects of Krka. So you can take a moment to appreciate the sights you’ll get to see during your Krka tour from Split. Along with the fact you’ll be able easily visit the National park due to how close it is to the town of Šibenik & Split.

Final thoughts when visiting Krka National park

The Krka National park is one of several in Croatia. Whether it’s your first time visiting or not, there’s always something new to explore in or around Krka Waterfalls. Along with providing an eventful experience to people that haven’t been there in a long while. So after you’re done exploring or rather spending time in Krka you might take the chance to visit one of the nearby cities/towns that are bustling with life.

Grab a bite to eat at one of several dozen restaurants and take a stroll through the old towns; there’s something to do in Croatia for everyone whether you’re young or old. Krka being one of the most visited and beautiful locations in all of Croatia. The National park attracting several thousand tourists each passing year for it’s beauty alone, but that’s not the sole reason to enjoy the National park from Split. Along with the fact you’ll have several exciting news to witness whilst exploring the newfound places.

Things to keep track of in Krka Waterfalls

Krka Waterfalls like many other sights in the worlds has its fair share of things to keep track of. Whether it’s your first time visiting or the tenth one, there’s always something to keep aware of when visiting new places. The main attractions in the National park being of course the waterfalls, Skradinski Buk, Roški slap to name a few. But there are also several other things to enjoy during your visit, anything from restaurants to nearby villages/towns.

The National park having more than it’s fair share of sights. Ranging from the flora to fauna, Krka Waterfalls is bustling with life around every corner, providing enchanting views throughout the nature preserve. Whilst the most notable sights are the waterfalls in Krka, there are also certain caves, historic ruins and old trees that offer a rather gorgeous views.

Krka being similar to other National parks in Croatia. Having garnered attention due to how close it is to one of the most popular towns in the country, Split city. Taking a private transfer to Krka Waterfalls from Split can be one of the best methods of reaching the beautiful nature park. The park having a number of entrances that can all be busy during the high Summer season, making exploring the park quite the hassle. So in order to avoid the crowds we have our own Krka tour from Split that goes earlier than the rest.

The waterfalls have also for a time allowed swimming on it’s premises (but from the start of 2021. swimming is no longer allowed in order to preserve the natural beauty). Krka Waterfalls also has its fair share of fauna and flora that made the National park their home, allowing you to see anything from fish to birds living in the nature park. Whether it’s your first or tenth time visiting Krka Waterfalls, the National park has more than a few sights to set your eyes on. Some of the best methods of discovering the intricacies of Krka Waterfalls would be with a tour from Split, allowing you to learn some history about the National park that you might not be able to discover on your own.