Krka Waterfalls cycling routes from Split

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Krka Waterfalls cycling routes from Split. In recent time tourists that visit our country are more and more interested in spending their vacation actively. Just because of that, the sun and beautiful beaches are no longer enough for them to enjoy their holiday. An increasingly popular type of tourism would be active tourism, whether it be cycling, hiking or tracking. Guests that usually take this form of tourism usually arrive into our country of Croatia through a 7 day cruise like this one here which include cycling along our coast; along with a visit to the most important National parks, but from the eyes of a cyclist. One of the most visited National parks is really Krka Waterfalls, which is located close to town Split, and solely because of that it is easy to visit with a Krka tour from Split or on your own.

One of the benefits about visiting our country and the National parks would be that you don’t necessarily need to visit during the high season, Krka in particular being beautiful during Autumn and Spring. The benefits of visiting during the off-season would be less crowds that you would usually find during Summer time, along with having much cheaper entrance tickets and accommodation nearby. But if you don’t want to bother planning out your trip to visit, simply take our Krka tour from Split that has transfer and lunch included!

Krka Waterfalls cycling routes

In recent years, the authorities of Krka National park devote more time on marketing and publicity. And because of that very reason the quality of paths running through Krka are longer and more well kept. Also, the paths themselves have started to be the main attraction; like the waterfalls.

Of course it’s up to you to choose which route you want to choose. Krka Waterfalls being a beautiful place whether you take a cycling route or a simple walking path. According to the official site of Krka National park, the routes that pass through the National park can be divided into three basic categories. Some of them able to be visited on certain Krka tours from Split.

Road bicycle routes

(Routes that mostly pass through asphalt roads)

These are the routes that run besides roads and are meant for people that do cycling semi-professionally or professionally and are ready for the challenges in terms of kilometres and various rises in the road. Read more about them here.

Family bicycle routes

These are routes that run along asphalt and macadam roads, without any serious inclines or difficult parts of terrain in Krka National park. Just because of that it is the ideal route to take to get acquainted with the waterfalls of Krka and other attractions in Krka for families with kids. Read more about them here.

Mountain bike routes

Just like the name implies these routes are meant for the bravest, the routes passing through the most hidden parts of Krka. Through thick grooves, these routes have a lot of bumps and uphill struggles that are meant for the physically able people. Read more about them here.

Things to note about Krka Waterfalls

All other important information, along with GPS routes, length of routes throughout Krka National park can be found on the official Krka National park site. Along with other interesting information concerning the attractions, but you can check out some of the most beautiful sights in Krka Waterfalls here. There’s also several other blog posts we wrote about showcasing some interesting things, like tips for solo travelling, what to do after/before Krka Waterfalls from Split and what sort of food Krka National park has.

Of course if you are interested in an arrangement or tour and you just can’t be bothered to complicate things and study all the minute details of your Vacation. Be free to contact our professional and specialized Krka Waterfalls tour from Split team.