Krka Waterfalls or Plitvice Lakes from Split

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Krka Waterfalls or Plitvice Lakes from Split

Krka Waterfalls or Plitvice Lakes from Split. No matter what time you chose to visit Croatia, keep in mind that you are visiting a country with a high number of water surfaces, beautiful rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Personally Spring is the best season to visit the National parks and their enchanting scenery. Given that Spring has a lot more lush greenery than for instance Summer, it offers a lot more vibrant colours to admire.

Our guests that come to us during the Summer time mostly always ask: “Which National Park shall I visit? Krka or Plitvice?”

No matter which one you choose we recommend that you visit all of the National Parks, if you have the time that is. Krka Waterfalls from Split being a popular choice along with Plitvice from Split as well.

We will always ask you the same questions. The questions being: what route through Croatia, travel option (Car, Bus, Spaceship), length of stay in Croatia, along with your wants and wishes during your stay.

No matter how much time we discuss about this subject, one is for certain. Both parks are beautiful in their own way so it’s almost impossible that you will feel disappointed between the two, but we will name a couple of main differences in case you are travelling from town Split. Allowing you to pick the best choice when taking everything into account.

The number of National parks in Croatia

Whilst there might be a couple of National parks in Croatia, plenty of people can only name the two most attractive ones. Krka Waterfalls and Plitvice Lakes being the most well known ones. And if you only have time to visit one National park we’re here to help you make a choice, after all, each has it’s own benefits and drawbacks that you’ll soon discover to make the choice hopefully easier. Either go on a Krka tour from Split or a Plitvice Lakes excursion from Split, either way, we’re positive you’ll enjoy your time on either location.

Make the most out of your Vacation by exploring the wide range of lands that are present in and around Krka Waterfalls as we are positive you’ll enjoy yourselves during the nature excursion from Split. The National park attracting more and more people to it’s territory due to how well connected it is and easy to visit from Šibenik or Split.

Why go to Krka Waterfalls?

In case you decide to visit Krka National Park from Split, keep in mind that you will reach the park entrance in around one and a half hours. Our advice for visiting the park, whether it is through a tour, car or transfer, is to arrive as early as possible to avoid a crowd. NP Krka has 7 grand waterfalls that are spread across the park which you will need an entire day to visit them all. Luckily you won’t need an entire day to visit some of the most notable waterfalls, like Skradinski Buk. As that can be done in less than an hour, so don’t worry about hurrying until night time to see are least the most popular sights in Krka Waterfalls. Just go on a Krka tour from Split that is going to let you explore the National park with freedom. There’s no shortage of National parks that litter the country of Croatia. Krka being one of those parks that you’ll never get tired of exploring.

Sights in Krka Waterfalls

Skradinski Buk was famous for allowing swimming next to it, making it quite a spectacle to admire and take a dip in on a hot Summer day. The tour of the waterfall that is 2km long can be completed in 2 hours, making it an ideal choice if you are tight on time. Another benefit of visiting Krka instead of Plitvice would be the ticket cost being only apr. 200 kuna during the Summer season. Making it the cheaper and better choice if sitting in a vehicle for more than 3 hours isn’t to your liking. Enjoy the beautiful National park that has more than just waterfalls to show off. Krka offering several sights like Visovac island and even some Roman ruins that are sure to impress anyone. So come on by and visit Krka Waterfalls already so you can see the sights yourself.

If you happen to be visiting Krka with a tour of some sorts, it usually includes a visit of the nearby town Šibenik. Krka National park being much smaller in comparison to Plitvice Lakes, making it an ideal choice for people that don’t enjoy walking as much but still want to admire the scenery. So go ahead and visit the beautiful National park of Krka Waterfalls from Split. You surely won’t be left disappointed, whether you go by your own or with a group tour that will show you the most popular scenery.

Krka Waterfalls has grown in popularity over the years making it one of the best destinations to admire if you are visiting for Vacation purposes alowing you to really take apart the wide range of other destinations that are bountiful throughout the place and area along with the numerous other situations that make the trip well worthwhile to enjoy. There’s also the other areas in and around Krka that are made even more beautiful by simply taking a trip down to Krka Waterfalls. But one of the main attractions of Krka is how well connected it is; allowing you to visit and see most of if not all of the main attractions in a single day. Take a Krka tour from Split with lunch included to really see and admire the sights present in the nature preserve; allowing you to relax whilst admiring the cascading waterfalls.

Not to mention that Krka is a much smaller park than Plitvice, making it a lot less time consuming to explore than the much larger National park. A Krka tour from Split allowing you to see the main sights inside whilst also keeping to a semi-strict schedule so you don’t lose track of time. And it doesn’t hurt that the National park is relatively close to Split and Šibenik town; the latter of the two incorporated in most Krka tours from Split. Make the most out of the excursion by visiting more than just Krka during the day trip. There’s also a few other interesting sights that we’ll get to show you along the way; making it one of the best opportunities to really take in the sights that you’ll see during the excursion. Along with the fact you’ll have plenty more to see and not just Krka Waterfalls during your Vacation. There’s also other locations well worthwhile if you decide to visit them.

Now let’s switch to what makes Plitvice great…

Why go to Plitvice Lakes?

Plitvice are definitely the most famous and oldest National Parks in Croatia. Receiving more than thousand of visitors over the months, with 16 breath taking lakes that will keep impressing generations to come. When comparing Plitvice and Krka, Plitvice are simply larger and plentiful with various lakes and waterfalls like we previously mentioned about the 16 lakes.

In case you are coming to the park with your own vehicle, the notion of parking your vehicle at the entrance should be done in about 15 min, however after you park there’s a whopping 9km of walking that follows, making it a much longer track than Krka. But in regards to prices of Plitvice, we already mentioned that Plitvice is more expensive than the smaller Krka National Park, the entrance ticket being apr. 300 kuna in 2020.

How far is Plitvice Lakes from Split?

Another thing that will surely make some peoples odds shift would be the distance. A drive on one way to Plitvice from Split will take a long 2 hours and 45 minutes, when compared to Krka it’s much longer. But the thing that Plitvice has would be the decades of scientific research on its territory. The National park having 14 research facilities checking its water, along with having quite a history of researching the flora and fauna of the National park. There’s also quite a bit of history revolving around the famous Nature park that is overshadowed by the natural beauty that it holds. Plitvice lakes are also known for its sheer size, having around 296km^2 of pure nature scattered throughout. So it’s up to you to decide which destinations in Plitvice you would like to visit.

Now that we have told you some of the key differences between the two parks, we can only let you decide which park in your opinion is worthwhile seeing more. Krka usually being the easier option for people with kids and the elderly due to its small size; whilst Plitvice has the charm that has lasted for dozens of years by this point. But don’t fret as both parks are the correct choice for visiting. 🙂

In case you have some questions, be free to contact us. We also organize private mini-van, mini-bus, tours, etc. So just tell us what you wanna see or do and we’ll try to make the best offer fitting your needs and wants. Don’t let your Vacation in Croatia be dull, let us know the desires your heart wants during your holiday!

Keypoints about Plitvice and Krka

  • Distance between Split and Krka: 130km
  • Distance between Split and Plitvice: 245km
  • Krka Waterfalls ticket cost: 200 kuna
  • Plitvice Lakes ticket cost: 300 kuna
  • Krka track length: 2 kilometres
  • Plitvice track length: 9 kilometres
  • In both Krka & Plitvice you CAN’T swim(In Krka you could until the year 2021.)
  • Krka is better for kids and the elderly due to its smaller size

But if you just so happen to want to venture to the closer National park, you can go on a Krka tour from Split. Enjoy a refreshing experience that includes lunch, drinks, transfer to/from Krka and tickets to the National park of Krka Waterfalls.

Contact us for any plans you might have or a wish to go on a private group tour! We are always available through E-mail for whatever you decide to go on or have some questions to ask about any tour. After all, we are here to make your Vacation all the more enjoyable. There’s plenty to see in Croatia, so don’t let Krka or Plitvice be the only thing you see. Go on an exciting tour like Rafting, Ziplining, Kayaking, etc. We are positive you’ll enjoy yourselves no matter what you decide to go on!

Finishing thoughts

Whether it be the closer Krka Waterfalls or the large beautiful Plitvice Lakes, there’s bound to be some preferences for different parks. Those that have less time on their hands or simply can’t handle travel that well will have a much better experience going to sightsee Krka Waterfalls from Split. The National park providing several sights that include waterfalls, caves and even historical ruins on it’s territory.

As for Plitvice Lakes, the park is widely considered the most beautiful National park in all of Croatia. The park also having a lot more territory for you to explore if you decide to visit; but be warned that it takes around 3-4 hours to reach the Nature park from Split. If the travel time by bus is too long you can always consider getting a private transfer from Split to Plitvice which will make the excursion a lot more comfortable. Making it a rather easygoing excursion since you won’t have to worry about finding the right path of reaching Plitvice, let our driver handle everything.

There’s also several other smaller National parks all throughout Croatia, along with the neighbouring country of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Enjoy the other natural sights all around Croatia that we are sure you’ll enjoy. From historic old towns in the major cities to thrilling blood pumping adventure tours that will make your heart race. In the end there’s more to do in Croatia no matter what National park you decide to visit. So enjoy yourselves and rest up as Croatia is always waiting for you with open arms. There’s a plethora of activities just waiting to be done in Croatia no matter what you decide on doing, we’re positive you’ll find something worthwhile that’s perfect for you.

But in the end if you decide on Krka, our personal choice, we recommend going on a Krka tour from Split due to how time efficient it is. Most tours starting around 8:00 or 9:00 and ending by 17:00 (5pm). We’re positive you’ll find something to keep yourself busy during your Vacation in an entirely new country. Make the most out of it by exploring and sightseeing the locations throughout it; whether those are National parks or even historic monuments that are scattered throughout. There’s always something to do to keep yourselves occupied during before and after exploring Krka National park. Make the most out of your short but sweet Vacation as it’s not everyday you get to travel and enjoy yourselves in an entirely different country.