Krka Waterfalls Split Croatia

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Krka Waterfalls Split Croatia.

– Many who visit Croatia are bound to at least hear about this beautiful National park. The serenity and calmness of nature brings a sense of joy and relaxation as they take in the fresh air. Whilst Krka Waterfalls is recognized as one of the most beautiful places in Croatia. Not much else is known to first time visitors that come visiting Krka National park.

Story of Krka Waterfalls Split Croatia

Krka National park is a spacious mostly undefiled land of extreme and colourful assortment of natural value, encompassing one or more preserved eco-systems. Already during the mid 20th century it was suggested and decided to protect this Natural wonder, becoming “Krka National Park“.

Whilst Krka might be thought of as nothing more than a beautiful tourist attraction. It also served it’s purpose of having it’s waterfalls power the first (AC) hydroelectric power plant in Croatia. The power plant lighting up the very first light bulbs in the world at a nearby town called “Šibenik“.

Stunning sights in Krka Waterfalls Split Croatia

Whilst Krka is one of the most beautiful parks because of it’s flora and stunning views, most of the waterfalls you will encounter in it are a crucial part of it. Krka Waterfalls from Split being the most popular tour in recent years. The most popular and widely visited waterfalls being “Skradinski buk“.

“Skradinski buk” is the longest waterfall in Krka National park. The waterfall capable of being viewed over the entire year thanks to the series of bridges and roads, which offer a relaxing and safe way to walk on. But an interesting thing about this large waterfall is that there are refurbished mills and other buildings scattered all around it. In order to respect the architectural value, certain mills are decorated as gift shops, whilst others are designed as informational displays.

“Visovac island”, whilst not necessarily a waterfall, this particular island is home to a secluded monastery. The interesting thing about this specific island is the utterly stunning Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy, and the Church of Our Lady of Visovac, having stood on that exact position since 1445. For that reason Visovac Island is among the most important cultural and natural monuments of Croatia. The Monastery isn’t just for show, having a wide collection of linens, dishes and a library with many valuable books.

“Roški slap”, widely considered as the “necklace” due to it’s cascades, lush flora, mills and pillars that decorate it. This waterfall will surely leave you gazing at it’s majestic beauty.

Perks of visiting Krka Waterfalls

The Krka Nature park is one of several, being the only one that allows recreational swimming during the Summer time. For people that would like to come see what the nature scene is like in Croatia, Krka is located only an hour and a half drives from Split town. Perfect for those wanting to spend their day relaxing, swimming and walking through nature. A bonus would also be that the Krka Waterfalls offer some fantastic photographic moments for you to share with your friends and family, but that’s to be expected on a tour Krka Waterfalls from Split.

But if that didn’t attract you to Krka Waterfalls yet, you’ll be glad to know that the waterfalls are one of the easiest to get to, not to mention easy to navigate through. Wooden paths decorating the nature preserve all throughout. Making it a rather relaxing experience for anyone visiting.

What to expect?

Krka Waterfalls Split Croatia will surely be a memory to remember, but this beauty still hides a lot more than meets the eye, but it isn’t the only thing worth visiting whilst you explore this exciting new country. Croatia being chock full of interesting monuments, parks and towns that are brimming with historic value just waiting to be seen. So what do you say? Are you adventuristic enough to go ahead and discover what Croatia has in store for you 🙂

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