Notable things along with Krka Waterfalls

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Notable things along with Krka Waterfalls

It might seem like Krka Waterfalls is the only notable and beautiful thing in Croatia. The serene refreshing natural beauty it holds is only rivaled by other National parks that reside inside Croatia‘s territory. Krka having grown in popularity for allowing swimming in it’s premises before, but unfortunately visitors will not be able to partake in the luxury any further. Notable things along with Krka Waterfalls.

The National park of Krka Waterfalls from Split is one of the easiest tours to try out. So that’s why we decided to show you exciting and beautiful substitutes to occupy your time with. There’s also several other places that are well worth a visit whether you’re visiting for the first time or returning to admire the beauty present in this hidden gem of a country. Take your Vacation to new heights as you explore Croatia throughout. But before we get to them, we might as well tell you about the things to see in Krka tour from Split:

Sights in Krka Waterfalls

Skradinski Buk – Being the longest waterfalls in the National park is one of it’s keen features. Skradinski Buk attracting numerous visitors due to it’s sheer size and beauty as it cascades down. The waterfall being composed out of islands, travertine barriers and lakes. Along with the fact that the waterfall can be viewed throughout the year due to the numerous paths and bridges that enable a safe and comfortable walking network.

Visovac island – One of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful thing to visit in my opinion. Visovac has the notable Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy and the Church of Our Lady of Visovac built on top of it, the buildings being there since the year 1445. An interesting thing about the monastery in particular is that it houses several valuable archaeological collections, historical church linens and dishes, along with a rich library. Due to the religious background of the island, it has always attracted pilgrims, who today arrive by organized boat excursions of Krka National park.

Roški slap – also known as the “vast waterfall” is made up of numerous backwaters, travertine islands, cascades and a whopping 22.5 meter high main waterfall. Roški slap being situated around 36 kilometres downstream from where the Krka River springs. Small cascades making up the start of the barrier (more commonly called the “necklace” by the locals), followed by several backwaters and islets.

Tours equally as exciting as Krka Waterfalls

You might be wondering what ever can occupy your time and give you the sense of enjoyment other than Krka Waterfalls from Split. Croatia being filled with various opportunities, whether visiting a different National park or exploring the historic architecture of numerous towns in the country. Make your Vacation count by visiting and enjoying various different sights and experiences that Croatia has in store. Whether it’s your first time visiting the country or returning to have a closer look at some of the sights that are abundant in Croatia; there’s no limit to the things you can get up to whilst enjoying your quiet Vacation. But don’t let the beauty of Krka blind you from admiring other tours or National parks, after all, Croatia has other notable things to see and do like:


Experience the charm of relaxing in a kayak as you paddle around one of the most notable sights in Split, the Marjan forest hill. Admire the lush beauty of it whilst the guide takes pictures throughout the trip so you can always look back to the experience you had.


Rafting would probably be classified as the most beginner friendly adventure excursions available. The leisurely paddling down a river mixed with thrilling rapids is enough to make anyone’s heart beat faster. Whether you are young or old, Rafting is perfect for everyone.

Canopy Zipline

Test your bravery and make your time memorable with an experience that would terrify most. Ziplining has grown to be one of the most popular adventure excursions in the world. Feel the wind against your face as you descend down the zipline.

What to do after Krka Waterfalls

Whilst Krka is stunning and almost breathtaking, it’s not the only thing you should be admiring. Croatia being chock full of beautiful, interesting and fun things that can be seen and explored throughout it’s territory. Ranging from towns close by, to charming islands that litter the Adriatic sea. There’s something around every corner for you to enjoy and experience during your time.

Split for instance has several sights that we urge you not to miss out on. The town having a long history of growth, commerce and tourism due to it’s unique palace that has been the center point of the city. The most notable sights being:

Diocletian Palace – You can’t know about Split without also knowing about Diocletian’s Palace. The century old palace having withstood the test of time, becoming one of the most memorable places in all of Croatia. Diocletian Palace has over the years become both a tourist attraction and a place that some people call home; having several houses built into it over the years.

Basements of Diocletian Palace – These interesting historic cellars were used by Emperor Diocletian‘s soldiers as their living quarters and to store food / wine. The basements also house the foyer of Emperor Diocletian that had amazing acoustics, warning Diocletian of any assassins sent to kill him; which worked surprisingly well seeing as how he was the only Roman Emperor to die of natural causes. You get quite far if you’re cautious in ancient Rome after all.

Split has several other sights that are well worth a visit, whether or not it’s your first time visiting. Make the most out of your visit by exploring the unfamiliar places surrounding the bustling city. There’s a plethora of sights and activities to get yourselves up to during your travels through the country so make every minute count whilst you’re in Croatia. Along with providing some relatively new experiences.

There’s also other places that are abundant with various sights and things to do, making the city quite an exciting place to visit. Whether you’re interested in the natural landscape or historic architecture; Split is blessed with both things. Walk around Marjan forest hill or explore the history of Diocletian palace that has withstood the passage of time beautifully. Make the trip to Split well worthwhile by sightseeing more than just the old town of Split. After all, you’re visiting Croatia to see the wide range of sights it has to offer with the numerous islands, small villages and even scenic wonders like the Blue Cave or Blue Lagoon.

Other famous things in Split

Statue of Grgur Ninski (Gregory of Nin) – One of the most notable monuments in Split, located at the North entrance of the Diocletian Palace’s “Golden gate”. Statue of Grgur Ninski having a long lasting legends that if you rub his big bottom toe and make a wish, the wish would come true; but you’ll need to wait a while.

Marjan forest hill – Known for it’s exceptional beauty and charm. Marjan has been a recreational area even during Emperor Diocletian’s rule. The forest hill having several dozen beaches with plenty of shade all around it. Another interesting thing about Marjan would be that there’s a rumour about the forest hill being a dormant volcano; evidence being that scientists found sulfuric water near the base of it, which is common in volcanic areas.

Cathedral and Bell tower of Saint Duje – Seated in the very center of Diocletian’s Palace. Saint Duje overlooks the entire historic palace, capable of being seen even from a large distance. Visitors can also have a chance to climb up the tower (for a small admission fee of course) and having a beautiful view over the entire palace from it. Saint Duje is also religiously known as the protector of Split, having a holiday dedicated to him.

There’s also several plaza’s that are scattered all throughout the old town, most if not all of them having a number of cafe’s for you to enjoy a cold or hot drink on. The plaza’s also hosting several festivals on certain holidays, making them really come to life during those periods; so it’s the perfect time to explore the plaza’s. So if you were curious where you can relax, you’ll be spoiled with choice before or after enjoying a Krka tour from Split. Making it well worth the detour in order to find some time to relax during your Vacation. Make the most out of your time by experiencing the various wonders that Croatia has in store for you. Whether you’re revisiting the country or it’s your first time here; there’s more than enough things to get yourselves into during your trip to Croatia.

Final thoughts

Krka Waterfalls like many other sights, things, tours, etc. is notably beautiful. The National park garnering quite a bit of popularity due to it’s lush vegetation and charming relaxing beauty. Once you visit Croatia‘s wonders there’s no telling how many memories and remarkable things you will see along the way. Explore them at your own pace either by taking a tour from Split or getting a private transfer to take you to some of the most popular ones. After all, a Vacation in Croatia is to be enjoyed.

Whether you want to go on a Krka tour from Split or experience an adventure tour like Rafting, there’s no shortage of things to enjoy. Walk through one of the most beautiful National parks on a Krka tour from Split and be free to contact us if you have any questions about the tour you’re not too sure about. Krka Waterfalls tour from Split being one of the most popular excursions to take part in. Notable things along with Krka Waterfalls.