Private tour to Krka Waterfalls

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Private tour to Krka Waterfalls from Split. Since we are an agency specializing in Krka Waterfalls we can’t help but want to talk about it. The National park attracting several thousand visitors each passing year (when there’s no pandemic running rampant that is). So visiting the National park should be one of the top things you get yourself up to when you visit Croatia. Enjoy a refreshing Krka Waterfalls private tour from Split. Experience the joys of exploring new unfamiliar land with us. The National park having more than just beautiful sights in it’s store. But don’t take just our word for how beautiful the National park is, explore it yourself with a private Krka tour from Split! There’s also the private options which allow you to experience and enjoy Krka Waterfalls from Split in comfort.

A private Krka tour from Split offering the opportunity to choose when you’d want to start and which stops to take. Private tours for that reason being one of the best options; especially for Krka Waterfalls from Split. Enjoy a refreshing experience where you’ll be able to sightsee beautiful landscapes without worrying about encountering crowds or being crowded with people you don’t know; take a private Krka transfer tour from Split in order to enjoy the tour to it’s fullest.

When one tells you about the beautiful sights and places they’ve visited, very few will actually tell you how they’ve seen those places. A private excursion to visit some of Croatia‘s most beautiful places is the way to go. Admire the beautiful sights and let yourself enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Croatia is after all a country with more than just beautiful beaches. It’s up to you to discover and admire all the beautiful beaches that you’re bound to find whilst exploring. You’ll be able to really see the country shine with a private excursion from Split to Krka National park. Allowing you to see just why this Nature park has garnered so much attention over the years and deciding for yourself if Krka is just as beautiful if not more as people and pictures describe it. So don’t worry too much, we’re sure you’ll find something that piques your interest.

Whether it’s your first time in Croatia or a returning visitor, there’s always something new to discover. Enjoy yourselves to the fullest in an entirely new country to see the wide range of sights present. Make the most out of your Vacation in an entirely different country in order to see the sights better. It’s not everyday you get to enjoy new experiences, travel throughout Croatia to see the most popular sights.

How to book a private tour to Krka

Well, booking a private tour to Krka Waterfalls is just as easy as booking a regular one. The Krka Waterfalls private option from Split usually giving you some control of what you would like to do in it, when you want to get picked up and other small bonuses you might want to explore or see on your way. Private option being perfect for those that don’t want to simply “follow the ride” if you will. Enjoy a refreshing experience on our Private tour to Krka that is fit for you!

The Private option being perfect for various reasons but the one that stands out the most being that you will be alone with your friends or family. So go on ahead and don’t waste an opportunity like this. Choose an offer that best suits your tastes with us! Whether it be something as simple as a transfer or a group tour. We’re more than happy to accommodate your tastes and desires for the perfect private tour fit for you. After all going on a Krka tour from Split is possible in a multitude of ways. Private Krka tour from Split being one of the better ways of exploring the National park in Croatia. Enjoy a refreshing new outlook of tours from Split by going on a private Krka Waterfalls tour from Split.

Going on a private tour usually gives you a lot more freedom to decide how long you’d wanna stay at any particular location before moving on. Don’t feel constrained by a sealed in stone itinerary whilst exploring Krka Waterfalls. Work with us to make the perfect private personalized Krka trip just for you! Enjoy a refreshingly unique experience whilst exploring new unfamiliar territory that we are almost positive you will enjoy. Whether or not it’s your first time visiting or not, along with providing a rather unforgetable experience during your Vacation in Croatia that won’t be easily matched. And for that reason private tours have garnered so much attention and praise for how relaxing they can be compared to normal group tours.

What to see during a private group tour

Private group tours offer flexibility and price value you won’t get by simply going on a regular tour. Sight see and discover beautiful locations surrounded by family or friends; make the most out of your time by choosing how long you’d want to stay in different parts before returning home. Along with the fact you’ll be able visit and see more than if you’d have if you decided to take a public group tour.

Enjoy the freedom you won’t get with normal tours to the fullest by planning out your trip in advance. Along with the fact you’ll be able to see every moment of what you’ll experience well in advance and make changes to lengthen or shorten certain aspects of the private group tour to suit your tastes. You’ll be able to see more beautiful scenery than if you would have went on your own trying to find the best paths and routes on Croatia‘s tricky roads that even the locals have trouble with. Along with the fact you’ll be able to discover the brilliant and often overlooked places in Krka if you decide on a private tour to Krka., depending if that’s something you’d want to see and explore during your visit in Krka National park.

The nature park Krka being a relatively refreshing place to visit; the soothing cascading waterfalls putting your mind at ease as you meander on wooden pathways. It’s truly a hidden gem of Croatia that you won’t go wrong exploring if given the opportunity. Along with the fact you’ll get to experience one of the most beautiful locations in all of Croatia, allowing you to tell your friends/family back home about it’s charming beauty that is better captured in person than in photos. Making it a worthwhile place to visit when travelling in Croatia and seeing the sights that we have in store.

What’s possible in a private tour to Krka

As we previously mentioned the private tour to Krka Waterfalls from Split lets you have some control over what you will do, anything from deciding what time you want to start your tour to custom pickup locations to make the trip easier for you. Enjoy the freedom of a private tour to Krka from Split with us! Let us take care of your wishes and desires of what to do and see during your private adventure. After all, the best way to explore Krka National park is with a guided private tour from Split. Admire the natural beauty of one of the most beautiful and popular National parks in Croatia. Go ahead and avoid the hassle of group tours that limit you with strict timelines; book a private group mini-bus Krka Waterfalls tour from Split and enjoy it with your family/friends! There’s a lot more freedom to be had in a private tour to Krka Waterfalls from Split than a regular group one.

Private offers are the way to go in recent years when coming to visit with bigger groups as they provide more freedom when deciding places to visit. Krka Waterfalls being one of the better destinations to take a private transfer; having a chance to come to the National park before the other crowds that arrive with group tours. For that reason private Krka tour from Split offering a lot more in terms of flexibility. Allowing you to decide for yourselves what’s best for you, whether or not it would be a private transfer to Krka from Split, a private group tour or a regular tour to Krka National park from Split. There’s after all, a number of other exciting trips you can take from Split city that are sure to peek your interest during your vacation in Croatia.

Krka being one of the most popular destinations for those before mentioned reasons in the end. So don’t waste your time staying in your accommodation. Widen your horizons and stretch those legs on the wooden pathways of Krka during the private excursion from Split. There’s a lot more freedom to be had in a private tour to Krka Waterfalls from Split in the end. A private tour offering more privacy when it comes to transportation instead of a crowded bus. Krka National park being an incredibly relaxing location that is made even better when you’re sight seeing with a smaller group of people. Making it one of the best excursions to take if you’re looking for something easygoing. Take the plunge and decide on enjoying a private tour that is bound to make the experience all the more enjoyable during your stay. Private tours usually always being better than public ones due to their privacy and time allocation; offering to spend a fair bit more time at areas you want to stay at.

What to see in Krka Waterfalls

The National park is a rather lush environment with plenty of beautiful sights to see. Notable ones being the waterfalls that litter the park throughout, letting a melodious cascade fill the entirety of Krka. Krka Waterfalls from Split being one of the most popular tours from Split. Krka Waterfalls having a peculiar problem of being jam packed with tourists during the season; owing to its massive popularity. With a private tour to Krka you’ll be able to avoid or schedule a visit during the hours where the National park sees little action.  The National park earning a great deal of reputation over the past dozen years thanks to how serene it is. Those that have been to Krka will always mention how tranquil the National park is, garnering quite a lot of attention due to it. After all, Krka Waterfalls from Split is one of Croatia‘s most visited tours. All the more reason to go ahead and visit it with a private tour to Krka from Split to avoid the limitations of a group tour.

The Krka tour from Split providing everything you might need, from having tickets included, trip to Šibenik city and lunch at a nearby restaurant. Krka Waterfalls for that reason along many others being the ideal place to visit as the National park provides several exciting opportunities. The Nature park getting praised for its beauty and accessibility due to how close it is to some of the major towns in Croatia. There’s also several other reasons why Krka is getting so much attention world wide; those including the waterfalls, caves and historic Roman monuments it’s the best opportunity to visit the beautiful National park. Krka after all is a Natural park that has a great deal of beauty in a relatively small surface area; when compared to the much larger Plitvice Lakes. There’s also other National parks you can go ahead and explore with a private transfer from Split after Krka.

Some of the most popular sights are as follow:

Skradinski Buk, the longest and widely regarded as the most beautiful waterfall in all of Krka. Made out of travertine barriers, islands and lakes. Those that wish to explore the waterfall will find themselves in luck as there are numerous networking paths and bridges that enable a comfortable and safe walking/viewing of this mesmerizing sight. Krka Waterfalls having several beautiful waterfalls just like this one.

Roški slap, or also known as the “vast waterfall” is made out of countless backwaters, travertine islands and cascades with a main waterfall of 22.5 m. Being situated about 36 km downstream of where the Krka river springs. The barrier start is made out of a series of smaller cascades that have a name among the locals as the “necklace“, followed by several backwaters and islets.

Oziđana pećina, a site with exceptional cultural, natural and historical significance that is a locality located in the framework of the educational walking trail Stinice-Roški slap-Oziđana pećina. The cave having Neolithic cultures confirmed due to archaeological research of the Adriatic region. There’s also a historical record of people living inside the cave anywhere between 5000 to 1500 B.C.

Visovac island, is one of Croatia‘s most valuable natural and cultural value. The island housing the church of “Our Lady of Visovac” and monastery of “Our lady of Mercy” that have proudly stood the test of time since 1445. With the isolated and beautiful location, they form a unique entity. Those that are interested in knowing, the monastery also houses a valuable archaeological collection.

What to do after Krka Waterfalls

After you had your fill of one of the most beautiful National parks in Croatia, you might be curious what’s left to do? Luckily for you Krka Waterfalls isn’t the only private tour from Split you can partake in. Krka Waterfalls being a mysterious place with various sights you can admire. If you happen to be itching for a more adrenaline or a relaxing boat tour, we are sure you’ll find something you like. After all excursions from Split are numerous, and it’s up to you to decide what destination suits your fancy. There are a plethora of options, so don’t be afraid of widening your horizons and taking a leap of faith by trying something new. After you’re done exploring one of Croatia’s National parks during the private tour to Krka Waterfalls, be free to ask us for recommendations. Krka private tour being one of the most popular and best options due to having the chance to decide how long you’ll want to stay in each location before moving on to other destinations. There’s a lot more flexibility when it comes to deciding what locations you’ll want to go and visit; along with how much time to spend in each part of the excursion.

Making plans after Krka

We’re more than happy to help you plan out a different private tour from Split after Krka Waterfalls. The private tours offering a lot more flexibility when it comes to planning and starting times; allowing you to quite easily admire the scenery it holds in its territory. So if you happen to be visiting Croatia; you might just find the Krka private tour to be the best option for nature lovers out there. But once you’re finished with the private Krka tour or want something else, you’ll be happy to know there are several other options to choose from. Allowing you to quite easily discover new and unfamiliar destinations without having to worry about being surrounded by unfamiliar people in a group tour.

Private tours to other place; especially boat tours being the most popular. So take a breather whilst surrounded with friends/family during a private boat tour from Split. There’s always something to get up to during your Vacation in Croatia, whether that is going on another tour or simply meandering through old towns like Diocletian Palace in Split. So make the most out of your visit whilst also taking care to relax at the beach or at your accommodation. So whether you came back from a Krka tour from Split or want to plan out your exact route after you visit the National park, there’s so much you can do and see in the end.

Along with planning out exactly what to do after your Krka tour from Split trip. Make the most out of your Vacation by visiting Krka or other locations that are equally as popular as the beautiful National park of Krka. Visit popular sights like the Blue Cave or Blue Lagoon during your stay, we’re certain you’ll enjoy yourselves as you explore the country to the fullest. Travelling in Croatia after or before going on a Krka tour from Split might be one of the most refreshing experiences you can partake in. Whilst a private excursion to Krka National park will offer you the chance to enjoy the nature park without worrying about being crammed in a group tour. Private option providing an opportunity to adjust the time spent at the National park (to an extent) to fit more to your schedule; making sure the experience is even better. Along with offering an unique experience that will take you through several places all in a span of a day tour from Split. There’s also other locations that are well worth a visit during several other places that take part in when you make the most out of the situation.

I can’t think of a better tour for both young and old people to partake in. Enjoy the unique rush of paddling down river rapids and testing your bravery by jumping off a cliff into the river below. Rafting is a thrilling experience for anyone that is made even better surrounded by friends/family. The tour being quite famous as it doesn’t require people to be that physically fit.

Ever wanted to experience a tour where you can relax to your hearts content, well the Blue Lagoon tour is one such tour. Enjoy a relaxing full day experience where you’ll spend your day swimming for the most part and also eating lunch that’s included. It’s truly a tour made for anyone wanting to take a breather from the busy life of travelling.

You most likely saw Kayaks available on most beaches. The sport becoming quite popular all across the globe due to it’s simplicity and easy to get into nature. Experience excitement as you paddle around “Marjan” forest hill whilst enjoying the sights from sea level. Truly a tour for anyone that enjoys a relaxing outdoor experience.

Things just as beautiful as Krka Waterfalls

If you’ve been curious if Croatia only has Krka Waterfalls to offer, you would be surely mistaken. Enjoy a private tour from Split to numerous other places and not just Krka. Sight see and admire various architecture and fun excursions that will leave you wanting more. Private tours from Split being the ideal method of sightseeing as they provide more comfort and flexibility compared to regular group tours that have a relatively strict schedule. Whether you are visiting one of the most beautiful National parks like Plitvice Lakes on a private tour from Split or having fun with your friends/family on Rafting, there’s something for everyone. Let us worry about planning out the ideal private tour to Krka Waterfalls from Split for you. Leave your worries of a perfect tour behind as we take you on our Krka private tour from Split. There’s also the numerous other locations which you can take a gander at that will allow you to experience the wonders that lay within them.

But the sights you can see aren’t just contained within tours, several towns all across Croatia having interesting things you can lay your eyes on. Enjoy a refreshing walking experience after or before going on a Krka excursion from Split. There’s truly no limit to the exciting things you can do in Croatia, anything from private tours to refreshing group tours. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take a private tour to a new destination that will surely not disappoint! After all there’s more places than just Krka Waterfalls to take a private tour to from Split.

Nearby locations and humble sights to admire

Whilst Krka National park is the main attraction that you decided to go on a private tour for. It’s not the only worthwhile destination along the trip. Take a moment to enjoy the wide range of flora/fauna decorating the National park; allowing you to peer at mesmerizing sights that don’t disappoint whether it is your first time exploring Krka or your tenth. The nearby villages and towns providing an opportunity to get the feel of Croatia in the truest sense of the word. Along with providing a new sense of wonder as you discover sights you haven’t seen before. Allowing you to venture out and broaden your horizons with newfound experiences like visiting towns that border Krka National park. One of the most popular destinations to visit being Šibenik town due to how close it is to the National park. Explore and sight see the beautiful historic beauty that the old town has in store for you. Whether or not you’re revisiting the place or going there for the first time.

Šibenik isn’t the only town that’s a tourist attraction, towns such as Trogir, Zadar, Split, etc. each have their own charms when it comes down to it. Take the plunge to visit the fabled towns to see the world renowned beauty for yourself. We’re certain you’ll find something that catches your eye during your exploration of Croatia, whether it’s the earlier Krka National park or some of the cities we mentioned.

After you’re done with exploring Krka Waterfalls you might want to continue the adventuristic thrill by going on yet another excursion to see the sights. Take part in a Rafting tour that takes you down river rapids, or if you want to really put the fear in yours friends try out Ziplining either above canyons or tree canopy. But for those of us that enjoy more relaxing experiences, boat tours might be more to your liking. Visit the fabled Blue Lagoon in Croatia and spend the day swimming and basking in the sun during your Vacation if you so wish. All in all it’s up to you to choose how you’d want to spend your Vacation. There’s a large number of other tours that we failed to mention, ranging from sea kayaking, quad, bike or even simple walking tours.

Private transfers to nearby cities

As you have your fill of Krka National park you’re bound to want to explore the surrounding cities as quickly as possible. Private transfers providing a sense of comfort and reliability that regular busses can’t match with their late arrival times. Personalized transports becoming almost a norm as they can be take you to and from any pre-determined place. Krka National park attracting numerous people from all across the world; so it’s only natural some would want to see what you can see on the outskirts of Krka Waterfalls. Some of the most notable sights to take a private air-conditioned transfer to would be Šibenik city, a historic old town that has rich history and gorgeous beaches you can use to take a dip in to cool off at.

Vodice is also a solid choice if you prefer more secluded locations whilst still providing a gorgeous town to take a swim in. Whilst it might not be as large as Šibenik or Split, it does provide visitors some relaxation that from the bustle of bigger cities. Take a private transfer to Vodice from Krka National park and see for yourself what it can provide during your Vacation.

Personalized transport services allowing you to visit any place as long as you pre-schedule them accordingly. Whether it be a short airport transfer or a trip through countries. there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Personalized transfers as well saving your time and frustration from waiting for a bus or having a taxi cancel out on you whilst you’re waiting outside. Krka Waterfalls from Split tour as well as a private transfer to Krka being the most ideal choices of visiting the beautiful nature preserve in Croatia.

Final thoughts

As we already mentioned, if you happen to choose a Krka Waterfalls private tour from Split you will also gain the ability to re-arrange it to an extent. The freedom that you gain with it is truly something as you don’t need to worry about staying with a group of other people other than just your friends/family, because after all, in a private tour you always have a sense of security. So go ahead and explore the wonders that are all over Croatia‘s beautiful land with us! Private tours to Krka being just the start of it all.

Croatia is a big country with endless possibilities of what you can get up to. Anywhere from relaxing with Krka to an adrenaline pumping Rafting tour. The country has been popular due to its beauty and the yearly “Ultra Music Festival” that has been held for 8 or so years in a row. There’s always something for everyone in this beautiful country. So go ahead and explore the wonders that lay dormant in this beautiful country. Krka Waterfalls being one of the most beautiful National parks that allow you the opportunity to enjoy and admire the almost mystical beauty of it on a private group tour with friends/family from Split city. The tour having everything you might need or rather want; from tickets, transfer, english speaking driver along with lunch. You’ll surely enjoy the packaged deal that no other tour provides! Don’t waste your time trying to find a group tour to Krka that fits to your tastes; rent a private one and have it suit you perfectly from Split! 🙂

And if you do want to visit one of the most beautiful National parks, why not consider going on a Krka tour from Split. Enjoy a refreshing experience that will open you eyes to the beauty that lays in Croatia. After all, Croatia is chock full of exciting and worthwhile things you can get yourself up to during your Vacation. So don’t dilly dally, go forward and experience more than just a private Krka tour from Split! If you’d like to experience the National park as quickly as possible you can always take a private mini-bus transfer to Krka National park. Enjoy a refreshing air-conditioned taxi transfer to one of the most beautiful nature parks in Croatia. We’re almost certain Krka is going to offer a range of sights and wonders that aren’t easy to find; especially all in one place ranging from natural flora to historical Roman ruins. Enjoy a private tour to Krka Waterfalls from Split that will allow you to see everything you’d want to during the excursion from Split. After all, the National park Krka is becoming more and more popular each passing year as people flock towards the Nature park after catching snippets of its beauty on various media.