Social distancing travel in Split Croatia

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Whilst travelling to a different country might seem like a crazy thing to do during this global pandemic, let’s not let Covid-19 ruin the fun. The key thing would be not to panic as there are plenty of methods in keeping safe and virus free during your stay in this beautiful country that is Croatia.

There’s been no shortage of news about the rampant virus that has been plaguing the world, but as long as you keep following protocols and safety measures, not a single virus can do you harm. Taking a tour to Krka Waterfalls from Split should be easy. After all, mostly all of us have adjusted to co-existing with the Covid-19 virus nowadays, some more than others.

Plan ahead when visiting Croatia

This rule has never before been as important as it is now. Make sure to always think ahead, where you wanna stay, what towns you wanna visit and what you want to explore and see. Croatia is a beautiful country with various sights you must check out, but don’t let Covid-19 ruin it for you. Make sure to schedule anything from accommodation to tours from Split ahead of time. Croatia still offering it’s visitors several hundred sights you can go and admire, ranging from historic monuments to relaxing atmospheric restaurants that are just begging to accommodate you. So that’s why we decided to help you out a bit!

Book a private tour

It’s important to keep a distance from people in these trying times, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing some exciting tours to various places. Explore and let your adrenaline course through you with a wide range of tours at our disposal. Anything from visiting Krka Waterfalls from Split to exciting adrenaline tours like Ziplining from Split. See the wonders of Croatia with your very own eyes and engrave the memories into your memories for the years to come. So what are you waiting for? Check out what tour from Split you wanna take!

Choose among one of our most popular tours which we are sure won’t disappoint 🙂

Krka Waterfalls

Options to get to Krka from Split

Over the years this beautiful National park has grown in popularity in Croatia. The serene sights and the cascading waterfalls will prove to be truly a marvelous sight to behold, especially when it’s paired with the freedom to explore on your own terms with a private option. Sight see the numerous waterfalls that litter Krka Waterfalls from Split and enjoy the peacefulness of it all.


Rafting on river

There’s just something exhilarating about paddling down river rapids that makes your blood boil from excitement. Enjoy the adventure of your lifetime as you explore the river Cetina with a raft full of your closest friends/family, admire the beautiful nature and jump from a cliff into the water below in this exciting excursion from Split.


Man on Zipline

The idea of hanging off a rope several hundred meters off the ground is extreme to say the least, most people would shiver at the thought. Test your bravery and impress your friends and family as you rush down at almost 50 km/h down a zipline! If there is a sport to make you feel truly alive, ziplining would be it.

Rent a private transfer

It’s important to keep safe and avoid contact from unfamiliar people, so that’s why a private option is best suited for you. Let us take you wherever you need to go whilst staying in this beautiful country of Croatia. Enjoy a comfortable ride in a mini-van or mini-bus with a professional driver that will keep you safe and entertained. So go ahead and rent out a private transfer that will take you to any destination we arrange together!

Private transfers are getting more and more popular as they offer freedom for you to decide when and where you want to go, deciding where you wanna stop by on your way to your destination. So if you decide to stop by Krka Waterfalls from Split whilst traveling to Zagreb for instance, you can organize something. It’s all up to you to figure out what’s perfect for you.

Getting a private accommodation in Split

Whenever you are travelling to another country or city for that matter it’s almost always the best choice to plan out where you want to stay first. Luckily for you we have several apartments available that are surely going to be of use. After all exploring some of the most popular national parks like Krka Waterfalls can be exhausting to say the least. Choose among several accommodations in Split, ranging from quiet little studio apartments to extravagant villas, we have it all!

Some of our most popular accommodation you can find here! Allowing you to stay in either a cozy little studio or treat yourself with an exquisite large villa with a pool. Croatia has a wide range of accommodations to suit everyone’s tastes or needs! So you won’t have trouble finding a place to stay at during your Vacation in Croatia.

But if none of those suit your fancy, we have plenty of other options to offer you!

Closing tips about Split Croatia

As the whole world faces this crisis, Croatia is doing its best to keep its people safe from the pandemic. Whilst we can’t say that we don’t have infected cases, we can at least offer some friendly tips to keep your stay in Split as pleasant as possible. So don’t worry too much about not being able to see some of the beautiful sights like a Krka tour from Split.

  • Make sure to wash your hands regularly.
  • Avoid shaking other peoples hands, it might be silly but a light elbow bump is the way to go.
  • Always disinfect your hands when entering stores or restaurants; even if you already did so 5 minutes ago.
  • When possible, try to enjoy a quiet night out or in, don’t be tempted in going to a large party.
  • Wear a mask whenever you are going out.
  • Try to stay away from big groups of people, the more people, the larger the risk of being infected

Rely on us for any questions you might have or if you would like to experience a refreshing Krka tour from Split. Sight see and admire the serene nature of one of Croatia‘s most beautiful Nature parks. Krka Waterfalls garnering more and more visitors each passing year, making it one of the best locations to come visit the beauty that rests inside its territory. Whether you only have a couple of days or several weeks, Croatia will surely accommodate you with open arms if you decide to come back to our beautiful country.

And if there is anything else you are curious to know, be free to contact us; we’re happy to help anyways we possibly can 🙂