Story about Šibenik town

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Story about Šibenik town, where shall we begin. Widely known as the oldest native historic town of Croatia. Šibenik has been a staple of Croatia since the old ages and has remained a beauty ever since. If you happen to be visiting Krka Waterfalls, Šibenik town is just 30 minutes away from the nature preserve. Offering it’s visitors a change of pace as they explore man made historic architecture of Šibenik.

Sights to see in Šibenik

Whilst not as well known as other coast line towns like Split, Dubrovnik and Pula. Šibenik is just as beautiful as the rest. For those that enjoy sightseeing old historic architecture, Šibenik has a couple of interesting monuments for you to see. Such as the “Cathedral of Saint Jakov“, the most remarkable architectural achievement of the 15th and 16th century on Croatian soil. Due to it’s incredible value during the year 2000., it is categorized as a UNESCO world heritage site, a remarkable achievement.

But that’s not the sole thing that the town has to explore. Located just opposite from the “Cathedral of Saint Jakov”, the fascinating two-story Town Hall of Šibenik is well worth a gander. Widely known for it’s large pillars and arches, it radiates with Renaissance architecture. The Town Hall of Šibenik being built by a well known architect by the name of “Michele Sanmicheli”. Unfortunately the building was mostly destroyed during WWII, but luckily enough it was rebuilt after the war ended.

An interesting thing about Šibenik would be that it was one of the most well protected towns. Having several fortresses surrounding it, proving to be quite an impossible feat for any invader to overcome. The most notable fortress being Saint John’s fortress that sits perched on top of a hill that overlooks the town. But if you would like to visit the fortress you’ll need to get ready to climb up the steep steps leading up to it, but trust me, the view will be worth the sore feet. 🙂

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What to get up to in Šibenik?

Story about Šibenik town

If you happen to be visiting the town during the Summer time you might just have a fun solution to remedy the heat. Located just outside of Šibenik you’ll be greeted by Croatia‘s first water-park “Aquapark Dalmatia”. For those people that want a change of pace from relaxing at a beach, the Aquapark provides a rather fun and exciting time for everyone.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to visit Krka Waterfalls whilst spending time in Šibenik, we highly recommend you do so. The natural park a mere 30 minutes away from the town, offering quite a lovely experience to most.

The town is also home to several delicious restaurants and bars to try out. Some of the most notable dishes in Croatia being Peka, a slow cooked meal that involves either octopus or lamb with potatoes under an iron bell. Quite a delicious meal for any meat lover out there.

The more you know about Šibenik town

We can keep talking about Šibenik‘s architecture and monuments to visit for hours. The town becoming famous each passing year as more and more tourists flock to it. So why not have some fun by seeing a couple of rather interesting facts or snippets of information to help you out.

  • Šibenik was the first town in Croatia to have street lights, and the first in the world to get AC electricity.
  • The world’s second most oldest hydroelectrical powerplant was built in Šibenik, capable of lighting up more than 340 street lights.
  • One might be enough, but for Šibenik two is the spot. having two UNESCO World heritage sites.
  • Šibenik was one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones, being shown as the city of Braavos.
  • If you have a friend that wants to drag you into skydiving, you can thank “Faust Vrančić“, a Šibenik creator of the parachute.

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Story about Šibenik town