Stunning sights in Krka Waterfalls Split

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Stunning Sights in Krka Waterfalls Split

The sights you will see as you set foot into Krka Waterfalls are spectacular to say the least. A refreshing and calming aura surrounding all of them as you take a look around is truly refreshing. So, why not get to know some of them yourself with a little bit of help?

Seeing as how Krka National park has attracted a rather sizeable amount of people over the centuries. The waterfalls and rivers making up the place are bountiful to say the least, but it takes some navigation to see them all. So if you happen to be planning on visiting this beautiful park, you will surely see more than expected.

Skradinski buk

Widely known as being the longest waterfall in Krka National park. This cascading torrent can be viewed all throughout the year thanks to several bridges and paths. But something that isn’t well known would be that the waterfall has several refurbished mills and other buildings littered all around it. Due to respecting the architectural value, there are some mills that are made into gift shops.

Skradinski buk is also the seventh and also the last longest travertine barrier on the Krka river. Located at around 10km downstream from the “Roški slap“; or rather 49km from the source. Over 17 “steps” Skradinskog buka overflow into one another through a distance of around 800 meters with the rivers of Krka and Čikole. The length of the waterfall is just around 200 to 400 meters, a rather marvellous sight if I must say.

Roški slap

Whilst Skradinski buk is the last and seventh waterfall, Roški slap is the sixth one. The interesting shape of it earning a title of “Necklace” among the people, due to it’s lush and rich vegetation. The waterfall gaining the name Roški slap from “Rog”, an old ancient Hillfort that you can barely find tracks of today. The canyon in this part being spread into a funnel like shape.

The main waterfall is located on the edge of the barrier where Krka is spread open 15m, cascading down to Visovačko lake. It’s also an interesting thing to note that there are caves hidden across Krka.

Visovac island

If you are already visiting Krka Waterfalls, it would be a shame not to at least see, let alone visit Visovac island. Due to it’s rather exceptional value. Visovac has attracted a wide majority of pilgrims due to the monastery and church that resides on the island.

But those that would like to visit Visovac island, Krka organizes boat trips from Skradinski buk, the length of which is at around 2 hours with stops to explore the small islands, the monastery and museum; taking around half an hour to do so.

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The wildlife and flora of Krka Waterfalls Split

Waterfalls aren’t the only thing that is bountiful in Krka. The nature attracting numerous wildlife to it’s doors, from small insects like dragonflies to mammals such as otters. Trust us on this one, the National park is filled with a rich and colourful animal world. Krka gaining a reputation for with one of the most valuable natural wonders in Croatia and Europe. An interesting thing about the fauna is that Krka has a couple of endangered animals like: wolves, otters, and wild cats.

Thanks to the phytogeographical position and large number of them, Krka river has more than 1000 variety of plant life. The river flow crossing across the evergreen Mediterranean and October Sub-Mediterranean vegetation. But we can’t say that the influence of man didn’t change the vegetation greatly.

What’s left with Stunning Sights in Krka Waterfalls Split?

Whilst most of the most popular sights are the waterfalls that we mentioned and the extensive flora/fauna. Krka is a place filled with mystery that we can’t truly explain. The National park attracting numerous visitors world wide for it’s renowned beauty and refreshing water. It’s truly a place where you can come to and simply enjoy mother nature.

“But what can I do after?” I can hear some asking, well, there’s several options for you to choose from here. Croatia is after all a big country, excitement being present around every corner that will surely lead to a great Vacation. You can test your bravery with some adrenaline focused tours or continue relaxing by exploring Blue Lagoon possibly. The possibilities are truly limitless!

For any other questions about our offer for Krka tour from Split you might have, contact us! We can offer you anything from the group to a private offer for Krka tour from Split. Just make sure to contact us in advance so we can check the availability of the tour.