The best Krka excursion from Split

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Dear guests, we thank you for choosing our tour to explore the wonders of Krka National Park and Šibenik town. Today we will visit two beautiful places which you will remember fondly. The first place that we’ll be visiting is located one and a half hour drive from Split, Krka Waterfalls. We’ll start the walking tour by having our escort explain to you the route to take on the main map of Krka. The map showcases the main sights, pieces of information and various other information that you might enjoy; along with the spots where swimming is allowed. All the other information concerning safety and general questions you can check here!

Krka is one of the most famous National Parks in Croatia, garnering thousands of satisfied people, and we are sure that you will be glad to be one of them by the end of the day. The National park being a popular destination for anyone that is coming by to visit. So don’t waste an opportunity to see the charming sights of Krka Waterfalls from Split. The River Krka and the area around it was proclaimed a National Park in 1985. And from then on it keeps receiving a sizeable number of people each passing year.

Krka National Park is famous for it’s beautiful scenery, especially the 7 waterfalls littering the park. One of said waterfalls in the past being also the only one that allows swimming, which we will get a chance of seeing today, Skradinski Buk. Krka Waterfalls having several sights for you to witness and explore during a solo visit or with a group tour. So don’t waste an opportunity to visit Krka Waterfalls from Split. We are positive you will enjoy yourselves when you lay your eyes on Krka Waterfalls from Split.

Frequent questions I get asked by my guests are:

You can leave all of your items and valuables inside the van/mini-bus and only take the essential stuff with you whilst exploring the National park.

Some bathrooms in the park are free, but some aren’t, so it’s good to have at least some small change on you at all times. After all, the call of nature can happen at anytime during your excursion to Krka.

Unfortunately since the start of 2021. swimming at Krka Waterfalls is no longer allowed. There are some sites on the outskirts of the park that still allow it. But if you happen to go swimming at Krka Waterfalls we take no responsibility for such a decision, but we can definitely warn you that over the years some incidents have occurred so be careful.

Krka Waterfalls is open for most of the day during the high season (June-August) from 08:00 to 20:00. But during the low season and other months, the working hours can fluctuate anywhere from 08:00 to 18:00.

Krka Waterfalls is located close to town Šibenik, having it be included in most of the Krka tours from Split as a bonus destination. But how far is Split exactly from the gorgeous National park? Well, the park is 87km away from Split, it takes around 1 hour to get there by transfer; give or take.

For anyone that has driven a car before, finding a parking spot is usually the most stressful part of it all. Luckily for you finding a parking spot in Krka is fairly easy even when the park is super busy. At the entrance “Lozovac” you won’t have trouble finding free parking.

Sadly from this year 2022 the boat ride is no longer included in the price of the ticket. But luckily enough the price of the boat ride is only 10 kuna, so it won’t exactly break the bank when you go and explore the National park.

Krka Waterfalls is a beautiful park that has attracted several thousand people over the years; each year becoming more and more popular so it’s only natural the park has multiple entrances. The two most famous entrances being Skradin from which you can see Skradinski buk waterfall, and the other entrance being Lozovac which allows free parking and being the main entrance for individual visitors.

It’s hard to choose the most beautiful waterfalls in Krka Waterfalls. The National park having more than a couple of main waterfalls and several unnamed ones that litter the territory. But if we had to pick, Skradinski buk would probably be the most famous waterfall in the National park; visitors being able to swim beside the large waterfall before the ban on swimming in 2021.

For prices in Krka, the ticket is usually cheaper during the off-season. Fortunately enough there are several price points for everyone, students, kids, older generation, etc. Check out the exact prices on the official Krka National park website! And if you happen to be taking our Krka tour from Split you’ll be paying for a discounted price for the tickets.

If you happen to take your phone with you, you’ll be happy to know that there are lockers you can use inside the park. Along with the famous waterfalls one remarkable place is also the island of Visovac, which you can see on our brossure. Krka National Park is also rich with flora and fauna, and with enough luck you might get a glimpse of one or two animals during your time in the park. The path you will be taking is filled with various lookouts so we are sure you will find a couple of perfect picture spots with your friends and family. After you are done enjoying the park by exploring, the meeting point will be the same as the one you arrived on.

Before we continue our journey to the historic town of Šibenik, we’ll stop for lunch. You’ll get a chance to pick one of several local drinks and food in the village ambient, along with having a rest after we passed more than half the tour already. After we finish eating we’ll make our way to Šibenik. Where you will have free time to explore and discover the intricacies of the old town in Šibenik. The driver will also tell you some interesting things about Šibenik town to make your excursion even better.

Krka being one of the oldest Nature parks in Croatia; garnering quite a bit of fame over the years and being the filming spot of some movies even. The serene nature of the National park allowing anyone to find some comfort in as they explore the beautiful forested area of the nature preserve. Go on an exciting Krka tour from Split and witness the hidden green gem that is Krka Waterfalls. We’re almost positive you will enjoy yourselves whilst meandering through the park on the wooden paths that line the place

About Šibenik

Šibenik is a town in the Šibensko-Knin county, first being mentioned in the 11th century; whilst also being hinted even farther into the past. We’ll get a chance to explore the town filled to the brim with history and culture during the afternoon hours; when the temperature isn’t very high. Šibenik also goes by a different name, “Krešimir town“. And today we’ll pass through one of the most famous streets and markets it has. But of course, the best feature about the visit will be the cathedral of “Saint Jakov” which is located in the very centre of the town. The cathedral was put under UNESCO protection in the year 2000. After we are done exploring the town, you’ll have some free time to enjoy a cup of coffee or icecream whilst admiring the beautiful view of the Šibenik bay.

Now that we finish exploring the beautiful town of Šibenik, we’ll make our way back to Split which will take a little more than one hour. And there the tour will end, leaving you with a smile on your lips hopefully. Just make sure to enjoy the rest of your Vacation after the tour finishes! 🙂

For any and all questions you might have, be free to contact us! We’re more than happy to help 🙂

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Your Adiona Travel team!

The best Krka excursion from Split for several years now! Admire the wide and colourful flora that fills the territory and air of Krka Waterfalls, we are positive you will enjoy yourselves during your short or long vacation in Croatia. After all, you chose this country for a reason!