Things to know before visiting Krka Waterfalls

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Things to know before visiting Krka Waterfalls. One of the most well known places in all of Croatia are the Krka Waterfalls. The aquamarine coloured pools offering quite relaxing scenery to admire all the way through the experience. Krka isn’t just by luck one of the most popular attraction in Croatia after all.

Those that have seen images of the nature park will surely be astonished at how much more beautiful the falls look in person. Being one of several nature parks that are almost a must see for anyone that is planning on visiting Croatia. But luckily, there are frequent Krka tour from Split opportunities that you can take in order to experience what Krka is like.

How to get to Krka Waterfalls?

Getting to Krka Waterfalls is as easy as booking a tour to it. But if you wanted to take a trip on your own, well there’s plenty of options. You can rent a car to one of the entrance of Krka Waterfalls, leave you car there and go explore the nature park. You can grab a bus ticket for Krka Waterfalls as well.

An important thing to note is that you still need to buy entrance tickets to Krka Waterfalls. So choosing a Krka tour from Split is one of the best choices you can make if you want to save yourself the trouble of getting everything separate.

Your time in Krka Waterfalls

Whilst the park is rather popular, especially during the Summer time. The various sights and things you can see are bountiful. Once you enter the gates after buying a ticket to the falls you will surely be surprised. Most of the beautiful sights being covered in a Krka tour from Split, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on seeing them when you come to visit.

Experience the beauty of this nature park by visiting some of the most notable sights in it!
Skradinski buk, most likely the most well known waterfall in all of Krka and also the longest one. Consisting of various travertine barriers, islands and lakes.
Visovac island, one of the most valuable Croatian historical, natural and cultural values. The island being famous for the fact that it houses a still operational Franciscan monastery and library.
Roški slap, also known as the vast waterfall due to the series of smaller cascades that make up it. The waterfalls being easily observed by walking a path along it.

There’s several other sights scattered throughout Krka Waterfalls that range from the Burnum Roman military camp to the monumental Jaruga power plant that supplied Šibenik street lights with power. Not to mention Krka is also home to several dozen unnamed caves that are home to various types of fauna. Making it one of the best National parks for the reason.

Things to keep track of in Krka Waterfalls

Krka Waterfalls is an exciting place, but try to keep that excitement in check. I’m sure plenty of people would just love to jump into the aquamarine waters right next to the famous Skradinski buk as soon as they see it. The park having several astonishing sights that would make anyone want to visit. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit Krka Waterfalls from Split!

The waterfalls certainly are an interesting sight, the pleasant melody of rushing cascades surely lifting the mood as you take in the sights. Enjoy a refreshing Krka tour from Split that can have you see over 800 specimens of flora and many endangered species of fauna. You might even be lucky enough to catch sight of one of the several hundred species of fauna that have made their home at Krka National park. Making it quite a beautiful destination to visit if you’re simply passing by or plan a trip to as the National park is one of the most popular places in all of Croatia and well worth a visit.

Important notices about Krka Waterfalls

Whilst the premise of swimming next to a large waterfalls sure seems enticing, this is no longer possible since the start of 2021. due to wanting to preserve the natural diversity of the National park. The park being one of the easiest tours from Split to go on, providing a relaxing experience to mostly everyone. Krka Waterfalls from Split being a rather popular tour to go on.

If you still haven’t decided how you want to get to Krka Waterfalls, you can either go by your own with a car rental or bus; or you can try out a small Krka tour from Split. The decision is completely up to you.

Many of you might have heard of different parks that are scattered all around Croatia. The most notable one most likely being Plitvice lakes. But the travel distance to the park could be bothersome, luckily Krka Waterfalls is much closer from Split. You can also explore Krka easier due to it’s much smaller size.

Don’t miss out on a chance to go on a Krka tour from Split! Experience the beautiful calming nature of the National park that is one of the if not the most beautiful in all of Croatia. Contact us for any questions you might have for Krka tour from Split, we are sure we can at least try to answer any questions you have. After all, we’re here to help make your Vacation all the more relaxing and fun, so why not take it easy. We’re positive you’ll find something worthwhile to see in one of if not the most beautiful National park in Croatia. It’s not everyday you get to visit new unfamiliar countries so why not make the most out of it

Discover and explore the National park with a Krka tour from Split that will showcase the most popular sights in the nature park. Relax during the tour by admiring the various waterfalls during it as we are positive you’ll enjoy yourself. After all there’s a plethora of sights that are scattered throughout Croatia so you don’t need to fret about only visiting Krka. You can enjoy some boat excursions or go for some adrenaline fueled tours that are definitely going to leave you wanting more.