Town Skradin of Krka river

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Town Skradin of Krka river. Those of you that have gotten a chance to admire and sight see Krka have bound to have passed through a quaint little place called Skradin. Whilst the waterfalls that Krka is known for are one of the key points of interest, there’s also other interesting sights that reside in or close to Krka. Skradin is a quaint little town in Šibenik-Knin Country with a population around 3,825. Located near the fabled Krka river and being placed at the entrance of Krka National park, several kilometres from Šibenik (17km or so).

Skradin town boat pier

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Why to visit Skradin

The small town of Skradin is usually overshadowed by the grand National park of Krka Waterfalls even if it acts like a gateway to the park. Skradin for that reason offers a place to rest, relax and a place where you can grab a bite to eat after or before visiting Krka Waterfalls. Skradin having several accommodations to offer a place to rest after touring Krka Waterfalls.

The beautiful picturesque town also offers several breathtaking scenes. Being so close to the river, Skradin gives off an illusion it is next to the ocean with how wide the river Krka is at one part. The town being built in a cone shape, facing towards the Krka National park. There’s also several vineyards surrounding the quaint little town that produce quite delicious wine in a nearby village.

But for those that want to experience some historic beauty, we recommend taking a hike up to “Turina” fort which was built on remains of a pre-historic hill-fort during the rule of Liburnians. Whilst you’ll see routes in Skradin on how to reach the top of the fort, and they might seem a bit daunting, it should take you around 10 minutes to reach “Turina” fort at a light pace that won’t leave you heaving for air.

Skradin is a relatively small town, but the beauty it holds is enormous. Celebrities even considering the town as their favourite Vacation spot when they want to simply unwind and enjoy themselves.

How Skradin connects to Krka Waterfalls

Skradin acts as a sort of check-point, being a town that allows you to take a boat to sight see the famous “Skradinski Buk”. The waterfall in question getting its name from town Skradin which is located close to it. Skradinski Buk allowing visitors to sight see it either by boat, bicycle or hiking trail that starts from, you guessed it, Skradin. There’s also the choice of staying in the town a couple of days, allowing you to try out every method of sightseeing the National park of Krka Waterfalls during your Vacation in Croatia.

Additionally, Skradin is surrounded by vineyards and wineries, notably the Bibich Winery in the nearby village of Plastovo, which I’ll discuss further below.

On either side of a fortress-topped hill, the town of Skradin is shaped like a V, pointing towards the water. The west side of the V faces a picturesque inlet and marina that is a well-liked summer resting place for sailboats. According to Forbes magazine, Bill Gates is renowned for making this town his favourite spot in the entire world. So it’s safe to say that the beauty is well proven among many.

History of Skradin

It comes to no surprise that Skradin experienced some rough history. Being a Liburnian city at first before becoming a Roman town; where it stood as an administrative and military centre of the region. Sadly, as most Roman cities were either plundered or destroyed, so did this one during the Migration period, and had by the 9th century been settled by Slavs.

Skradin then became a fortified town in Croatia during the 10th century, becoming the centre of the county. But it didn’t last forever as the centre of the county slowly shifted to the neighbouring town Šibenik. The town has since then withstood the test of time, so come on by and see for yourself. Skradin is after all a town full of life and beauty that we urge you to appreciate.

The area where the town is located was settled for at least 5 milleniums, dating back all the way to 33 BC. The Roman empire having an importance in advancing Skradin to what it is today, being fortified during the 10th century. There was also a fortress built on the hill in the center of town for the rulers (“Bans” in Croatian) which you can still see to this day. Making it a scenic location to take pictures from if you get a chance to visit.

Town Skradin birds eye view

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End thoughts about Skradin

Whilst the town of Skradin might not be as memorable as the National park it borders. Skradin does have its own charms that usually go unnoticed, but each day more people discover the beauty laying in wait inside this quaint little town, Skradin. The town is well worth sight seeing if you got time to spare, allowing you to explore it after the park closes for the day. Skradin offering a plethora of restaurants, wine tasting and accommodations to rest your tired bones after walking for so long. Just make sure to properly see the sights, after all, you are on Vacation. 🙂

There’s just short of 4000 people that have made Skradin their home today. Skradin receiving a boon to tourism especially during the Summer tourist season, but slowing down during the off season. The town was also home to the first ever power plant in Europe, opening back in 1895 the same year when Nikola Tesla opened the world’s first power plant on Niagara Falls in Canada; just a couple of days after.

Skradin overflows with beauty every step you take through it. The town having a different kind of beauty compared to Krka National park from Split. Most people being enamored by the town’s beauty that even attracted great people like Bill Gates to consider it their favourite town to visit. If you happen to visit Skradin during the off season you’ll get to see the trees changing colour to a pleasant orange and falling to the ground. Making it a worthwhile trip to take right after enjoying Krka Waterfalls from Split group tour.

If you want to learn more about Skradin or Krka in general. One of the best ways is with a group Krka tour from Split that will show you the best parts of the National park in a packaged deal.