Waterfalls from Split Croatia

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Waterfalls from Split Croatia. Even before you stepped on Croatia‘s soil, you surely asked around beforehand what kind of beauty resides in the country. So it would come to no surprise you heard about Croatia‘s and neighbouring countries beautiful water resources. Even if Croatia is one of the countries in all of Europe with the largest quantity of clean water, we won’t be talking about that for today, but instead we will be showing off plenty of options if you find yourself for the first time in Split.

Some of the basic guidelines about deciding which waterfalls to visit would be the distance from Split, number of people that you have, time available (Choose between a full-day or half-day tour), children and the possibility of crossing the border. Krka Waterfalls from Split being quite a treat for everyone to experience. Being one of the best National parks to come visit if you don’t want to drive a whole lot; the park being located around an hour away from Split. So it’s the ideal tour to go on if you just want to spend the day exploring and walking around in nature. And not just that, Krka also holds the title of being one of the most beautiful places you can set foot in. The National park receiving more than a couple hundred visitors each passing day.

What waterfalls are there?

Krka Waterfalls

First of many options, which is also the closest to Split would be to visit Krka Waterfalls, a.k.a. National park Krka. With our Krka tour from Split you won’t need to worry about a thing as you enjoy the day exploring the National park with us. Krka Waterfalls are located an hours drive from Split and are easily accessible to both random visitors and locals in Split. Even if you only have an hour or two free time, we strongly recommend stopping by to visit Krka Waterfalls from Split, as the National park is located not even 15 min from the Split-Zagreb highway. Making it quite a close destination to pay a visit to. It’s not just for any reason that it is still one of if not the most visited National park in all of Croatia.

Krka National park originated in 1985 and from then on has been under Republic of Croatia‘s protection. Krka being only one of many Waterfalls from Split Croatia you can visit. River Krka runs for 75 kilometres towards town Šibenik where it also comes to an end. Krka with its 7 waterfalls, where Skradinski buk is the most famous out of them make it an ideal beautiful oasis to visit within Split’s reach. Other stuff that are worthwhile in seeing on Krka would be the island Visovac, Roški slap, along with some of the archeological sights inside the park which you can read more about here.

Plitvice lakes

Second option would be a visit to one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful National park, Plitvice Lakes and its 16 lakes. Plitvice being Croatia‘s most famous National park, along with being the most visited (Getting more than a million guests each passing year). In case you were making plans waht to see in Croatia, this National park must be on your list. Plitvice was established in 1949., the National park being mostly inside “Ličko-senjska” county, about 3 hours driving from Split; depending on the road conditions.

Keep in mind that Plitvice lakes are much larger than Krka Waterfalls, so you will need more time to sightsee around the National park. The good news about buying a ticket for Plitvice is that in the ticket price, a train and boat ride are included inside the park; which allows much better maneuvering. But if you are alone and don’t want to worry about planning a trip, be free to go on one of our Split to Plitvice tours.

Kravica waterfalls

The third option is a visit to Kravica waterfalls which are located on the river Trebižat, about 30 minutes from the border in a place called Studenci near Ljubuš. Kravica waterfalls are a mesmerizing miracle that is well worth visiting and especially taking swimming at during the burning hot Summer period. The easiest method of visiting Kravica is with a tour that goes two times a week from Split, in which a visit to the beautiful town of Mostar in Hercegovina is included. So if you are a lover of beautiful waterfalls, along with traditional food and Hercegovian wine, we highly recommend a visit to the waterfalls. You can also make the journey there easier by taking a tour of ours.

So we don’t forget to name one more natural pearl which goes unnoticed, being only 20 minutes away from Split are the Radmanove mlinice and river Cetina. Whilst it might not be as flashy or gifted like Krka Waterfalls, it is an ideal place to visit during hot Summer days. The beautiful nature offers plenty of spots for you to relax on as the river Cetina flows beside you. So if you do decide to visit Radmanove mlinice and its beautiful little cascades on river Cetina, go with bus number 60 which goes periodically and doesn’t cost a lot to Omiš.

Other sights nearby

Omiš is a town close to the town of Split. The town being known as being the hub of exciting tour offers ranging from relaxing fun Rafting down Cetina river, to hanging several dozen meters off the ground on a Zipline. Omiš has no shortage of things you can get yourself up to or explore during your visit, whether it be going on a tour or simply learning about the history of the town. On that subject, did you know that Omiš had a fair bit of pirate history, the canal where river Cetina flows into the Adriatic having an underwater wall that would maroon enemy ships if they tried following Omiš‘s much smaller ships. Waterfalls from Split Croatia being one of the main attractions when you come visit.

The town is positioned as we previously mentioned at the place where Cetina river flows into the Adriatic sea. Located around 30 minutes away from one of the most popular towns in Croatia, Split. Omiš being here for quite a long time, originating in the 7th century of all times. Over the centuries Omiš piracy dwindling due to various changes happening. Namely the pirates being driven off the land; or rather by water as civilization grew more advanced and secure. Waterfalls from Split Croatia are numerous in this relatively small country, allowing you to not easily run out of things to do.

There’s a number of caves littering most of the National parks in Croatia that are home to several species of fauna. Offering a different kind of sight to see after you’re done admiring the waterfall. There’s also a nearby town of Šibenik which has rich history and is located in the area where river Krka flows into the Adriatic sea. Enjoy your Vacation to Croatia to the fullest by visiting the numerous places surrounding Krka Waterfalls during a Krka tour from Split. Make the trip to Croatia spectacular by enjoying the refreshing serene nature throughout. Krka Waterfalls for one having more than just a handful of sights in it’s territory that make the nature park even more beautiful to be a part.

Enjoy your Vacation in Krka to your hearts content without worrying too much about what to get up to. After all it’s not everyday you get to enjoy the wide array of nature parks that are scattered throughout Croatia. Make the Vacation to Croatia worthwhile by exploring the wide array of sights that are present throughout; allowing you to both relax in certain parts and experience some adrenaline fun on others.

Things to do after visiting the waterfalls

What to get yourself up to is sometimes difficult to decide as there are numerous offers and interesting sights you can go see on your own. Take your time and simply wander through Split’s historic streets and admire the hidden beauty that lies within it. A visit to Krka Waterfalls from Split isn’t the only thing you can do after all, whether it be with a Krka tour from Split or going by yourself.

You can also partake in an exciting tour offer that can lead you to go Rafting down Cetina river, Ziplining through canopy, Kayaking around Marjan forest hill or even hiking in Split or Omiš. There’s no limit to what you can get yourself up to during your Vacation in Croatia. So don’t waste an opportunity to experience something new and exciting during your visit. We’re positive you will not be left dissatisfied with whichever tour you decide to go on. Or you can take a leisurely stroll through one of the old towns that most Croatian cities have in their centers. Admire and sightsee the historic architecture like the old town in Split or through Zagreb‘s spacious squares; all of the cities having their own charm to them.

Ending thoughts about Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Croatia are numerous, each National park having several that attract people throughout the world to gaze upon their beauty. Whilst the waterfalls were the key thing you were curious about when you stumbled upon this blog, it won’t hurt to explore the other sights or to go on a tour like we mentioned. Whether you are planning on visiting the waterfalls on your own, going with a Krka tour from Split or simply want a private transfer to Krka from Split, we can help you along the way with anything.

Whether you’re planning on going on an exciting tour, want to find a place to stay at or even in need of a transfer from Split. We can help you organize anything you want whether it’s your first time visiting or returning to admire the natural beauty of Croatia. Enjoy your Vacation to the fullest without worrying too much about organizing everything yourselves during the Croatia trip. You can also enjoy a wide range of different tours to keep yourselves busy, anything from paddling down river rapids with Rafting to Ziplining between mountains or above tree canopy. You can also decide to spend the rest of your time in Croatia leisurely by going on walking tours that will take you around the old towns you’re in, letting you learn about the rich history that is present in them in a span of an hour or two

There’s also the opportunity to visit the neighbouring countries like Bosnia & Herzegovina if you have plans of moving on. Make the most out of the experience that you won’t easily get tired of exploring the wide array of places littered throughout the place. Making it one of the most worthwhile experiences you’ve ever come across. Allow yourself the freedom of enjoying yourselves as you explore and relax in Croatia and other nearby countries. Make the most out of the situation by experiencing new exciting tours as Croatia is chock full of them; allowing you to continue going on tours well past the Krka lunch included tour from Split!