What celebrities visited Croatia

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What celebrities visited Croatia. As famous and beautiful Krka Waterfalls is, it’s no surprise that it attracted some rather famous celebrities. The park brimming with untainted flora & fauna that is difficult to see in this modern world of ours; especially when there’s a rampant pandemic. Krka Waterfalls after all being one of the most beautiful locations in all of Croatia, with it’s several waterfalls, historic archeological findings and even some notable achievements like being the site of the second Hydroelectric power-plant just two days after the first one built on Niagara falls using Nikola Tesla‘s patterns.

The National park being just one of the reasons so many celebrities decided to come by to Croatia. People all around the world no matter the status have explored Croatia and Krka Waterfalls. Some of the celebrities we’ll talk about so you can check if one of your favourites has stepped foot into Croatia, if not Krka Waterfalls. You too can explore this wondrous National park with a Krka tour from Split to see the wide range of sights present. Make the most out of your visit, after all, it’s not everyday you get to enjoy the wide array of cities that are throughout the country.

Krka Waterfalls has become one of the most sought after places of sightseeing for many over the years; make yourselves relax during your transport that is bound to make the experience even better along with the several other locations that are scattered throughout the park allowing picture-esque photo sights that many admire throughout the world. Krka National park for that instance becoming quite famous, the nature park being one of the most searched for places in Croatia.

Celebrities that visited Croatia

Now I’m sure you’re curious what celebrities visited Croatia during their Vacation. Some of them visiting famous Croatian landmarks like Krka National park, Diocletian Palace, etc. Which you too can go ahead and explore at least one of the sights, like taking a Krka tour from Split. The celebrities ranging from movie stars, singers and even content creators. Whilst we can’t promise to mention all of the famous people that have visited Croatia, we’ll try our best to mention the most notable ones starting from…

Will Ferrell

One of the most popular comedy movie stars has set foot into Krka Waterfalls. The actor spending a Vacation exploring various Croatian sights before finally stepping foot into Krka National park. Widely known for acting in several movies like: “Elf” where he played as a giant elf, “Get Hard” where he was an unfortunate guy accused of fraud and embezzlement and seeks help from a car wash employee to ‘toughen up’.

Bill Gates

You’ll hardly miss out on hearing or seeing the name. Most computers nowadays running on ‘Microsoft‘. The computer software making Bill Gates the second richest person in the world, second only to “Jeff Bezos“. So it’s no wonder that a guy like him would visit Croatia several times with his family on a private yacht called “Power Play“. It’s safe to say that Croatia is beautiful enough even for the most wealthy people to visit.

Miroslava Duma

This famous Russian entrepreneur and investor in international fashion has visited both National parks Plitvice & Krka Waterfalls. Saying that it was “Heaven on Earth” with her picture of Plitvice Lakes on Instagram. Miroslava even going as far to found Buro 24/7 and become the CEO and founder of “Future Tech Lab”.

Jon Bon Jovi

If there was a musician that you surely heard growing up it would be Jon Bon Jovi. Known mostly for his hit song “It’s my Life” that was sung by people all around the world. Jon deciding to grace Krka Waterfalls at least once with his presence.  Even going so far to promise to come back very soon to Croatia due to how much he enjoyed it in our country.


The actress, singer and songwriter that is widely popular among young females. Most notable song being “All the single ladies” that is sung by all to lighten their spirit and have fun. Beyonce deciding to visit Croatia alongside Jay Z and their three children. The couple visiting Croatia on Beyonce’s 39th birthday on top of a super yacht that can reach up to 2 million dollars for a week’s rent called “Lana“.

Roman Abramovič

A Russian millionaire and owner of footbal club Chelsea. Even people with expensive tastes have found joy in our small country of Croatia. The millionaire came by on his luxurious yacht that he paid a pretty penny for, costing him around 600 million dollars and an annual 50 million each year for maintenance. The yacht being built for exploring, coming with a heli-pad and hangar on the top deck.

Gordon Ramsay

It’s no wonder that even one of the best culinary chefs would make his appearance in Croatia. Gordon even making a show in Istria alongside local chef David Skoko. The celebrity chef praising Croatia’s truffles and goat cheese as being ‘second to none’. He even learned some Croatian lingo whilst fishing for eels with David Skoko on a dingy boat.

Owen Wilson

Wow! The famous movie star most famous for his meme contribution and several movies like: “Zoolander”, “Midnight in Paris”, “Meet the parents” and plenty others. Owen went around visiting various locations in Croatia and even engaging in some friendly soccer with a group of locals on island “Korčula”. It’s safe to say the actor is just as friendly and funny as he is in the movies.

Magic Johnson & Cookie Johnson

Those of you familiar with sports would surely recognize the american basketball legend Magic Johnson spent around a month with author Cookie Johnson. The couple visiting the famous and breathtaking Krka National park and Split, among other locations like Hvar, Korčula and Vis to name a few. Johnson going as far to praising Croatia for its beauty upon departure. Recommending the country and food on an Instagram post.

End thoughts

If you’ve been planning on visiting Croatia and its beautiful sights, and just didn’t know what to see or even if it was worth visiting. Now that you know what and which kind of celebrities have set foot on this beautiful country you might have an easier time deciding. With or without knowing the full list of various celebrities or even youtubers that came to visit.

Croatia after all is a country that has more than just beautiful beaches to offer. Sight see historic architecture, go on a thrilling tour or even meet some of the locals that might treat you to undiscovered delights! There’s always something you can get yourself up to during your time in Croatia, so don’t worry too much about not being able to see it all. Make the trip to Croatia worthwhile by exploring the large amount of sights that are scattered throughout the country; along with finding some time to relax and enjoy yourselves on a nearby beach or walking through some of the historic old towns. Now that you know what and which kind of celebrities have set foot in this beautiful country you might have an easier time deciding what to do during your Vacation. After all, it’s not everyday you get to enjoy a completely different country so make the most out of the experience, we’re positive you’ll enjoy yourselves.