What tours can you do around Krka

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Town Skradin of Krka river

What tours can you do around Krka, that question might be swirling in your head. Krka tour from Split being the popular and serene destination that it is has plenty more to offer other than just being eye candy. The National park being one of Croatia‘s most prized possessions, attracting tourists and even some celebrities to marvel at it. The cascading waterfalls bringing relaxation to anyone that visits, but that isn’t the only thing you can get up to. Krka Waterfalls having several activities all around it that you surely could have missed out on. All you need to do to see it is go on a Krka tour from Split, we’re sure it won’t disappoint.

Whilst it might seem like Krka Waterfalls only has waterfalls, the park also has several historic monuments littering its territory. But that is just one of many things, tours and sights that you can see throughout and around Krka Waterfalls. Take a look and discover the wonders you can get up to around Krka! After all, there’s more than just taking a Krka trip from Split to pick from. Experience a Split waterfall tour with Krka National park.

Hiking trail

It’s no surprise that a Nature park would have one or two hiking trails for you to explore. The waterfalls known for having easy paths to walk on and even some hidden ones that allow you to sight see the waterfalls from a different perspective. You surely won’t get tired exploring the newfound paths; apart from a slight shortness of breath depending how quickly you hike through them.

There’s after all several hidden hiking paths all throughout and around Krka National park. Some that you can’t see on a normal Krka tour from Split, making them ideal and only possible to visit on your own. After all, there are things that a Krka tour from Split can’t show you due to being a beaten path in terms of hiking.

Things to do

Krka Waterfalls along with various other National parks has plenty of sights and facilities to visit. From beautiful waterfalls that you can get lost observing to history rich ruins of old Roman camps. There’s something that’s fit for everyone to experience in this nature park. But for those that would like to take a break from exploring the wondrous sights of Krka, you have several restaurants which you can take a transfer to from Krka Waterfalls.

If you happen to find yourself getting lost with scheduling everything, you can always take a small group tour to Krka Waterfalls from Split. Let us handle the transfer and lunch before taking a look at a nearby town of Šibenik. There’s after all plenty of things to see so we tried our best to make it as compact as possible. So you can rest easy and enjoy your time without having to worry about planning out every little thing on your own.

There’s also the question of things you can get up to after you finish exploring Krka National park. Whether you’d like to go on another tour or take it easy simply exploring nearby cities on your own two feet. Take a transfer to Zagreb from Split in order to sight see Croatia‘s capital. The city being overlooked compared to the seaside towns that attract tourists with their enticing beaches and islands.

Šibenik walking tour

Whilst Šibenik is often included in a tour to Krka Waterfalls. The town is quite famous for it’s unique beauty, allowing you to leisurely walk around it and sight see at your own leisure. But there are also several tours that let you explore Šibenik with a knowledgeable guide; including the old fortress of Šibenik. Whilst it might be one of the easiest tours to go on, it lets you save up energy for something else later on like a night out or a different tour. Enjoy your Vacation to the fullest by experiencing and enjoying different aspects of Croatia, whether you are visiting for the first time or a returning guest.


You might be surprised that Krka Waterfalls has a quad bike tour nearby. Allowing you to experience the thrill of riding on a four wheeler on nearby trails and feel the wind in your hair, all whilst exploring wonderful lush flora. It’s truly a tour that will leave you wanting more as you speed down the trails (Safely of course 🙂 ) So go ahead and experience the joys of Krka on a Quad adventure.

Bungee Jumping

Personally I enjoy the feeling of hard concrete under my feet as close to sea level, but for those of you adrenaline junkies this activity is sure to get your blood pumping. Located in the nearby town Šibenik, on top of its famous bridge. You can do a leap of faith that will surely impress or scare the hell out of your friends/family; letting you experience the sound of wind rushing past you as you bungee jump from Šibenik bridge. It’s truly a tour and experience that might even earn you a diploma if you manage to get up the courage to do it.

Bungee jumping being one of the most difficult tours in terms of getting up the courage to quite literally, jump from a bridge. Some people finding the idea terrifying to even imagine or settling with the adrenaline rush that you get falling out of bed, myself included.

Cycling tour

Krka Waterfalls is a park that’s full of wonders and beauty. Easily being one of the most popular locations in all of Croatia due to how easy it is to traverse and visit from one of the most popular towns in Croatia, Split. The cycling paths being accessible by your own or with a group tour, making it quite a refreshing experience if you’re not a fan of simple walking tours.

Cycling routes consisting of three major ones: Road, Family & Mountain bike trails. Each with it’s own difficulty and route for you to take. Offering a unique experience from each one. Find out more about the routes over here, where we talk about how you can cycle through Krka National Park! 🙂

Krka Waterfalls tour

For things to do in Krka, it’s only natural to recommend a Krka tour from Split. The tour leading you throughout Krka and the nearby town of Šibenik. Our Krka Waterfalls tour from Split lets you have the freedom of exploring the National park by yourself in a small group experience. Combined with free lunch and a trip to Šibenik makes it stand out from the rest; just check out our reviews which speak for itself. 🙂

We’re positive you won’t miss out on the beauty of Krka whether or not you go with a Krka tour from Split. The National park having more than just beautiful waterfalls to offer after all. Experience various other sights that go for the most part unnoticed. Relish in the chance to see the hidden gems of Krka National park. Having more than just a couple of interesting sights for you to witness. So if you ever wanted to enjoy admiring Krka, why not take a private personalized transfer from Split or even Split airport as soon as you land. There’s bound to be something to keep you interested during your trip to Krka National park. What tours can you do around Krka.

So take a Krka trip from Split to explore the famous Krka National park from Split. The park has garnered quite a lot of popularity over the years. Becoming one of the most beautiful Split waterfall tours you can go on. There’s quite a lot of things you can do on a Krka trip from Split, so don’t worry about missing out on anything.

Various other things close to Krka

Whilst the tours all around Krka are memorable, you don’t necessarily need to do them to make the most out of your Vacation. Enjoy yourself by sight seeing various other locations or sights. Visit different towns near Krka and let yourself experience what Croatia is like, each town being similar to one another whilst still remaining different and unique. Go on a Split waterfall tour to sight see the beautiful Krka National park from Split. After all, sight seeing the National park is as easy as taking a Krka trip from Split.

Taste traditional Croatian cuisine as you explore the wonders throughout Croatia. Don’t let your Vacation stop at the tours around Krka, let yourself experience other exciting and beautiful things that are waiting for you to come find em. Croatia being chock full of beautiful things that surely won’t leave you without things to admire. Just take a look at the numerous blog posts that talk about their own experience visiting this beautiful country. There’s no telling what exciting or thrilling things you might discover. Whether it’s your first time in Croatia or not, there’s always something new to discover during your Vacation.