Where to go after Krka Waterfalls?

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Where to go after Krka Waterfalls? The fresh air of Krka Waterfalls could be one of the most relaxing things about it. The cascading waterfalls bringing a sweet melody of nature to it’s visitors, but that isn’t the only thing you can get up to. Expand your horizons after spending time in the National park by trying out a plethora of other tours. So go on ahead and visit Krka Waterfalls from Split! We are positive you will enjoy the experience. After all, it’s not everyday you get the opportunity to visit new and enchanting National parks that have grown in popularity throughout the world. Make the most out of your Vacation by exploring the various sights present in Croatia; and what better way to do so than with tours. Admire the most popular sights that Croatia has to offer, or take it easy by simply exploring history rich old towns of several cities.

Hopefully we’ll help you choose what you’ll want to get yourselves up to during your visit. You’ll be spoiled with choice at the number of places you can visit after or before taking a trip to Krka National park. Whether you already visited Krka or plan on returning, you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from as the National park is chock full of sights ranging from natural waterfalls to historic Roman training camps.

Adventure options

Walking around and exploring beautiful sights such as the waterfalls is certainly an enjoyable experience. But compared to the adrenaline fueled spike you get with adventure tours… well, there’s a bit more screaming involved.

For those that are fascinated with hanging off a line several hundred meters off the ground or traversing rocky terrain, adventure tours are there for you. Whilst they are various levels of adventure tours you can take part in (much to your scared friends misfortune), you will surely enjoy most of em.

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Rafting on river


Rushing down river rapids has never before felt so exciting. Admire the wild scenery as you make your way down the river Cetina and relax in the soothing cold river along the way; just try not to get carried away by the river.

Rafting has always been a popular choice for people that haven’t gone on any tour before. The rather easy but exciting adrenaline rush bringing a smile to many; but also fear for others.

Man on Zipline


Many (myself included) would shiver at the thought of hanging off a line several hundred meters off the ground, but that doesn’t stop people from doing so. Ziplining has grown in popularity all across the world for it’s speed and thrill it gives people. The rather dangerous looking sight of a person just speeding down this narrow zipline certainly has a way of exciting people.

Basic Canyoning through Cetina river


If you are a fan of walking, well, this is just that but with extra steps. Canyoning is certainly an exciting thing to go on. Traverse, climb, walk and jump your way down a route whilst enjoying the scenery. But if you are a bit hesitant about going on a Canyoning tour you will be happy to know that there are different levels of it, Basic and Extreme.

Two people sea kayaking under a wooden log


The calming blue colour of the water is a pleasant sight to behold during any season, but especially the Summer time. Kayaking being one of the most popular and visited tours to partake in as there are numerous Kayak renting services on the most notable beaches all across the coast line. After a tiring day, kayaking is one of those adventure tours that don’t necessarily exhaust you.

Boat & Nature options

Krka Waterfalls is a beautiful place to visit and explore, especially from Split. The nature aspect of it luring in many to come visit and admire the lush green scenery, but what happens when you finish your adventure? Well don’t worry about it as Krka tour from Split isn’t the only thing that’s beautiful about Croatia. Croatia is a gorgeous place littered with beauty, national parks, forests, old structures protected by UNESCO, even going as far as being one of the most richest in terms of biodiversity in Europe. And it’s safe to say the rich aquatic life really adds to the beauty of the experience.

Plitvice Lakes overview

Plitvice lakes

The largest Nature park and one of the most beautiful. Plitvice has been a great place to visit if you are travelling between Zagreb and Split. But be careful as the park is rather large, having routes anywhere between 3km and 18km. Making it quite a burden to walk across if you aren’t used to it. But if you get tired of walking, you can always stop by along the way to grab something to eat.

Blue Cave entrance during Blue Cave tour from Split

Blue Cave

Widely regarded as the most beautiful sight in all of Croatia. The Blue Cave has garnered a lot of attention over the years as more and more visitors flock to it after Game of Thrones helped Croatia gain fame. The Blue Cave being a rather enchanting place as the way to enter it is rather unique, having a small boat enter by a small tunnel that you must duck to enter. But once you enter you will see darkness only to experience the enchanting blue colour glow that the cave is famous for.

Relaxing on boat

Blue Lagoon

The Summer heat is truly excruciating to deal with. Your mouth is dry and your body dripping in sweat, oh what can you do to ease the heat? Well there’s no need to think too much about it, after all, the Blue Lagoon is both a beautiful and relaxing place to visit. “But Where is Blue lagoon?” I can hear you asking. The mesmerizing coloured lagoon being nestled between two Krknjaši islands. Experience relaxation and swim to your hearts content in the enchanting blue colour of the lagoon.

What to do after?

For any questions that you might have after reading some of the places and things you can do after Krka tour from Split, be free to contact us! Krka tour from Split being one of the most popular tours at the moment as it takes you to sight see one of the most beautiful destinations in Croatia. You can also take the time off to sight see town Split and the historic architecture of Diocletian Palace.

No matter what you decide to do, there’s plenty of various things you can get yourself up to, from admiring the city architecture to going on an exciting tour. There’s really no limit for things to do. It’s entirely up to you at what places or sights you’d want to explore or visit at Croatia.

Make the most out of your stay in an entirely different country by discovering the vast wonders present in Krka National park and other locations. Whether you’re staying for several days or maybe even weeks, there’s always something more to see in Croatia.