Winnetou movie location in Krka Waterfalls

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Winnetou movie location in Krka Waterfalls. Krka Waterfalls and Croatia in general has been the filming location of several movies, not just local ones. One of em being the popular old western movies Winnetou made by Karl May. The films depicting a fictional Native American hero named Winnetou that draws upon highest aspects of otherwise ‘decadent’ Indian cultures with the natural adoption of romantic and Christian traits.

Winnetou has garnered a lot of fame thanks to Karl May, one of the highest selling German authors of all time with well over 200 million copies worldwide, including the before-mentioned Winnetou trilogy. There has also been a Winnetou remake filmed in 1998. with the lead actor of Winnetou Pierreom Briceom.

Other filming locations of Winnetou

Winnetou began filming in Croatia even before the country existed. The locations belonging to former Yugoslavia which belongs to present day Croatia. There has been 10 movies of Winnetou from 1962. to 1868. The locations being filmed in the pristine National parks: Paklenica, Plitvice lakes, Krka Waterfalls, Velebit, Canyon Zrmanje and Vrlika, among other small locations. Due to filming, a small western town was built in Fužina called Roswell, making it possible to make such a great movie semi-authentically without relying on green screen. Enjoy sightseeing and watching the movies in a new light during your Vacation.

What other movies were filmed in Croatia

Seeing as how Croatia is a popular place to go on a vacation on due to it’s lush beauty and historic architecture, you might be wondering what movies were filmed in Croatia? The country being a filming location of several popular shows, ranging from comedy to sci-fi and fantasy.

Discover and learn about how Croatia handled being the scenery to some of the most popular and beloved shows. Learn about the various filming locations and what exactly makes that particular area noteworthy. Croatia being chock full of sights that have grown in popularity, mostly thanks to being seen in movies/tv shows. There’s very few sights that make the trip so effortless that you won’t easily find them all over the place, enjoy the journey all the more during your exploration that is surely going to leave you wanting more.

Doctor Who in Croatia

Doctor Who has been a staple of sci-fi culture for several decades now, the show receiving a fresh take with a 2005 year reboot, but it wouldn’t be until it’s fifth season when Croatia becomes a filming location of the hit TV show. Trogir, a Croatian town being the filming location of two Doctor Who episodes, “The Vampires of Venice” and “Vincent and the Doctor“, the latter of which is considered as one of the best episodes.

Mamma Mia 2 in Croatia

Musical comedies are one of the things that everyone is bound to watch at some point, the upbeat and generally humorous activities make it a great movie to watch with family. The movie being filmed on the beautiful generally semi-secluded island of Vis. “Mamma Mia Here we go again” is one of those movies that should be enjoyed with a group of friends or family.

Game of Thrones in Croatia

Widely considered the most popular and well known TV show in the last decade, Game of Thrones has garnered a considerable amount of fame due to it’s generally dark and gruesome design; not shying away from killing off characters like flies; including some well loved ones. Even if the show has ended with a questionable eight season, the show has become one of if not the most popular TV show this decade. But due to the show finishing, there haven’t been many people willing to re-watch the jaw dropping series. Mostly due to the….well…ambiguous ending to say the least. But in the end, Game of Thrones was one of the most popular and watched shows in history when it was coming out; everyone having different favourite characters (some meeting their demise) whilst the world banded together in unison in hating one particular character.

Star Wars The Last Jedi in Croatia

Star Wars has been for many of us a popular and well loved franchise whilst growing up. Everyone having a wish of getting a lightsaber of their own and becoming a Jedi. Fortunately enough Croatia was also the filming location of one of the episodes, the producers choosing Dubrovnik to act out the planet Canto Bight.

Other things to note

Whilst those were the most popular and well known movies/tv shows that were filmed in Croatia, they aren’t the only ones. Croatia, along with former Yugoslavia having made several other local movies that are adored by the older generation to this day. Whilst the movies might not be on par with feature films like Star Wars or Mamma Mia, they still hold a special place among locals hearts.

Sights to see during your stay

Croatia is a popular country in recent years, when there’s no rampant virus causing havoc. The serene beauty especially shining in the numerous nature parks that litter the country, from beautiful lakes to cascading waterfalls, Croatia truly has everything you would need. But National parks and a visit to Krka Waterfalls from Split aren’t the only thing that Croatia has. The country having a large selection of tours/experiences to take part it. So don’t shy away from experiencing something new and exciting during your Vacation in Croatia. After all, a Krka tour from Split is relatively easy to go on. Explore other cities/towns or go on an exciting tour, the country has it all!

Make the most out of your vacation by exploring the wide range of sights present in Croatia. There’s also a few other places that make the National park well worth visiting due to how close it is to them. Admire and explore the neighbouring towns or even visit historic Roman ruins present inside Krka. Take your time in deciding what you’d want to see as there are several other things well worthwhile to enjoy during the trip. We’re positive you won’t get tired of admiring the wide range of tours and sights that Croatia has.


Nothing screams adrenaline more than rushing down a zipline on a thin rope. For those people that just can’t stand not doing something wild, Ziplining has been a staple tour that tests your bravery and is not for the faint of heart. Experience the feeling of wind hitting your face as you dangle several dozen meters from the ground; just don’t look down 🙂


Rafting is one of the best tours to go on for those that haven’t been on a tour before. The excitement of paddling down river rapids is certainly going to make your adrenaline flow as you enjoy the relaxing sights along the river Cetina. For that reason we can’t stop recommending Rafting as the ideal tour to go with friends/family due to it’s simplicity. 🙂

Krka Waterfalls

For those nature lovers, Krka Waterfalls might just be the ideal place to visit. Enjoy the melodious sounds of cascading waterfalls as you explore the lush beauty of the National park. Krka Waterfalls has been a rather popular tour due to the availability to swim inside the park; which soon enough might not be possible anymore.

Final thoughts

Whether you would like to explore the numerous filming locations or simply discover history in one of several Old Towns that litter the country with their beauty. There’s bound to be a wide range of things you can do and see during your stay in Croatia, anything from walking around the city to going on an exciting tour. But if you happen to want to experience something new, you can always grab something to eat, some notable mentions being: Konoba kod Joze, Pizzeria Gušt and Bakra Steak & Pizza bar.

All in all, Croatia has numerous sights that have been blessed by a lens of a camera. Ex-Yugoslavia filming dozens among dozens of movies, whether it be black & white or with colour. There’s been no shortage of films that are still being enjoyed by the older generation, the films depicting what life was during the Yugoslavia war; all of it combined with over dramatic deaths and questionable acting. Winnetou movie location in Krka Waterfalls.

So if you ever wanted to visit Croatia, you’ll be surprised at how many things you can get yourself up to, from exciting thrilling excursions from Split, to delicious meals at various restaurants. There’s bound to be something that tickles your fancy in this gorgeous country, so why not come and visit. We’re positive that you will enjoy yourselves!

Enjoy a relaxing day exploring one of Croatia’s National parks on a Krka tour from Split, or admire the charms of historic old towns. Be free to contact us for any questions/requests you might have as we are more than willing to help. After all, you can see the beauty of Croatia with either a Krka tour from Split or a refreshing boat excursion from Split. Along with the fact you can easily explore the neighbouring sights in and around Croatia, take some time to visit the city of Mostar even if you want to admire the Ottoman history of the place as we are positive you’ll enjoy it.