Waterfalls in Croatia best of 2021

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Waterfalls in Croatia best of 2021

Although lakes and waterfalls in Croatia are popular places for tourists and locals alike. With a little walking you’ll find plenty of secret locations that get few tourists, if that’s the thing you’re after.

With more water surfaces and breathtaking views on small areas than just about any other place nearby, the largest number of Croatia’s lakes and waterfalls are in the National Park Krka and National Park Plitvice lakes.

Lots of the waterfalls and lakes are not so far from the old towns with astonishing character and breathtaking history (ex. Šibenik town next to Krka waterfalls), so we are recommending to save a few hours to discover them. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them. Below are 5 beautiful falls in Croatia. Krka Waterfall excursion from Split is one of those options as well.

Skradinski buk
(waterfall in Krka National Park)

Positioned near the small town of Skradin. On Croatia’s coast, Skradinski Buk is one of the most famous ones in the Krka National Park. The waterfall being the only one that allows swimming next to it (This statement is now false due to the recent ban of swimming in 2021.).

Maybe the most astonishing and popular falls in the park, Skradinski Buk is really a puzzle of 20 different waterfalls on this part of the river Krka. So you surely won’t have trouble sight seeing Krka Waterfalls from Split if you decide to venture to the National park.

The Skradinski Buk you can reach from the main entrance called Lozovac, with free parking for your car, from April to October there are coaches for individual visitors. Second entrance is in small town of Skradin, where guests are transferred to Skradinski Buk by ships owned by the park. By walking you can reach the Skradinski Buk along a 875 m trail. And from there you can look over the cascading beauty of Skradinski Buk and revel in what Nature is capable of doing. After all, Krka Waterfalls is one of the best sights that Croatia has to offer in its territory. So don’t be afraid of exploring the wonders of this National park with or without your family/friends.

Roški slap
(waterfall in Krka National Park)

Just next to the Skradinski Buk, Roški Waterfall is definitely one of the favorites in Krka National Park.

Most tours and excursions start in the town of Split, which is the second biggest in Croatia.

The minibus tour to Krka organized by the agency Adiona travel takes about 1h and 30 minutes and will drop you at the main entrance called Lozovac, from which you can easily walk to the park.

The falls are nearly 2,000 feet long, making them large even by our country fall standards.

The fee of the boat that’ll take you to the falls is included in the park ticket, and the views on the 25-minute boat ride will be beautiful.

Veliki Slap
(waterfall in Plitvice lakes National Park)

Veliki Slap is one of the waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park. Lying next to the River Korana and is one of the most beautiful and famous falls in Croatia.

The National Park Plitvice lakes is separated into the upper and lower lakes, with clear water and waterfalls of all kind shapes and sizes.

Big Fall is appropriately named and it is the highest waterfall in the park.

There are plenty of trails and bridges near the falls from which you’ll be able to see plenty of water animals.

Some of the falls are accessible by car and hiking trail, and there’s a ferry available, which will give you the most panoramic views.

Sastavci Waterfalls
(waterfalls in Plitvice lakes National Park)

One of the falls which is also also located on the Korana River, in the lower lakes, Sastavci Falls is almost nearly 80 feet high. Other falls from there you can see in clear view, making it seem like the landscape is made of falls and it look gorgeous.

Sopot waterfall
(waterfall in Istria county)

The highest waterfall in Istria, Sopot. Located next to the village Floricici in Istria. You can arrive there by car and then walk to the fall in just 7 minutes.

It is nearly 100 feet tall, and supposedly this area used to be covered by the sea, as evidenced by the marine fossils that can be found in the ground and rock nearby.

Our Recommendation for waterfalls in Croatia

If you love beautiful sites, crystal clear lakes, amazing waterfalls. You can’t go wrong with any of these places from the list, and it’s not a waste of your time to go there. Waterfalls in Croatia best of 2021.

But if you plan on visiting one of the National parks, a Krka tour from Split would be an ideal choice. We offer a refreshing experience to Krka that includes: lunch, drinks, tickets to Krka Waterfalls, english speaking driver and a transfer to/from the nature park. So it all depends whether or not you have the adventuristic spirit to choose what waterfall you want to see first. After all, Croatia is a land with bountiful beauty throughout its territory.